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2011 Spearing Season

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I apologize for the late topic, our governor is trying to make my career and unpleasant thing so i've been in Madison the last 2 days. But I have some experiences to share with eveyone.

First and foremost, the thaw is causing a bad situation on lakes right now, especially on Winnebago. Both my shacks are off the ice, lots of water, landings will be practically unsafe tomorrow and many plowed roads are shutdown throughout the lake. If you don't need to be on it, don't take the chance.

Saturday's opener. I was off of Payne's Point in about 13fow with visibility being good. I could make out shad on the bottom but was just a bit stained. So the time passes, I'm bored, seeing hundreds of shad swim through and nothing else. 11am approaches I'm checking out the left side of the whole thinking I seen a shadow, pan over to the right and GODZILLA is coming through my hole. I literally froze as I couldn't believe the size of this thing.....as the head disappeared underneath me, I finally grabbed my spear, locked on to the body and let the spear sail through the water. Connection was made, voice activated cell phone for help, could not budge the beast to save my life. I peered down and could see the spear moving side to side which tells me I had a far back hit (not good). The fish began moving from right to left which offered me to gain a few feet in retrieval, but no sooner than that happened, the spear swang back into the hole......Just utterly sick to my stomach it was apparent I had only 1 tine in the fish. I'm no expert, but this fish easily went over 150lbs and 1 tine isn't going to hold her. So that one got away and my luck never got better since. So for the novice out there, some mistakes that were made in this experience: Don't freeze, Fish of this size require a square hit as close to the head as possible, which offers you more control of the fish, lastly, my position in the shack cost me everything. I decided to sit in the middle with the spear in front of me. Fortunately, this fish came on my right side and only had time to give a left hand guided throw. Now if I was on the right side of the shack I'd been able to simply throw right handed and make a straight down shot. Lesson learned! This fish was also 6 feet under the ice, 2 feet above my decoy, couldn't ask for anything better.

Sunday was big zero for many of us in my area, we made a move farther south for Monday, which resulted in the same. A lot of big fish were speared this year, over 100lb mark which is good to hear. The third largest sturgeon on Winnebago was speared coming in at 185lbs. Management of these fish is starting to pay off for everyone, it's by far the most closely managed animal specie known to wisconsin.

Today, a close friend of ours who had drawn for the Upriver system (Lakes Poygan, Winneconne, and Butte des Mortes) speared the upriver state record of 171lbs, 81 inches. He speared this on Butte des Mortes which has been producing good spearing results the past few years. The local sport shop in Winneconne where he registered it, has offered to mount the fish for him and display it in their Sports bar. So a good note for the end of the season.

All in all, weather played with us this year. Travel was very limited due to the great amount of snow on the ice, then mix in the thaw which stains the water from runoff into the holes and adversly affecting travel once again with poor ice spots. Water clarity was fair to good with pockets of excellent through out the lake, so that was an advantage. Most just couldn't get to key spots due to travel.

More memories made, another season awaits.

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    • I fish a big reservoir that goes as deep as 140 I believe and we do a bit of trolling over the deep parts of the lake.  In fact at night you can troll and your graph will be littered with fish in the 20-50ft range starting over 70ft of water but if you go to 60ft depth range your graph will be empty. Once the deep darkness of night falls those same fish will show 30-70ft deep on the graph suspending over 140ft of water.   We seem to mostly catch walleyes out of this group of fish and rarely catch anything else.
    • These feeders are only partially blackbird proof, as they can still poke their heads in and peck at the food a little bit. I don’t use the suet one much, because only downy woodpeckers can fit in there. 
    • This feeder is blackbird proof for the sole purpose that only woodpeckers and nuthatches can eat upside down. I purposely angle it this way so it’s easier for the pileated woodpeckers to hang on.
    • It only takes about 5 Mb/s to stream a HD movie.   I'm guessing you have some sort of interference going on.   Inadequate BW shows up as buffering....   Or the Roku is going bad.   I have had a couple of them do that, including a roku stick.      My money is on roku device being bad.   If you have a chromecast, does that work better?   
    • Milwaukee Fishing Eezy Peezy! By Milwaukee Wisconsin fishing charter Capt. Jim Hirt Lake Michigan Salmon Fishing Report 6/24/2019 Hello all, thank you for reading my reports. Joe, Laura and Jonathan Wolf from Mansfield Texas had fair weather and a multi species catch on a beautiful day on Lake Michigan. I enjoyed the opportunity to fish with them. Join us in Milwaukee! To get my fish reports and how to videos first go to http://www.jimhirt.com By subscribing you will keep ahead of the other anglers. When I post you will get it fast! Action is steady and all species are active. The water is still 50 degrees on top. This has made for easy presentation to fish. As long as this continues anglers will have success don’t miss out. Good weather and lake conditions will fill the cooler in the future. The water is warming up near shore and that area is slow. There are pods of forage from 70 feet and out to 200. The recent changes has brought many Chinooks and Coho in. Most of the fish came from the top to the bottom. Our best presentations are Church Walleye planer boards with 150 and 225 copper running 40 to 65 down and downriggers 80 to 120 feet down. Flasher and Bull Frog flies or 100 foot leads on Reaper magnum spoons on downriggers have been the best producers. Reaper magnum spoons are sold at http://www.badgertackle.com with free shipping. Our best boat speed was 2.0 mph. Wire Divers are producing very well set to #2 with 130 feet of line out. Have a great fishing season. Let's go fishing!! Jim charters out of Milwaukee, WI. with Blue Max Charters. He can be reached at 414-828-1094 or visit his web site at http://www.bluemaxcharters.com Copyright© 2019, James J. Hirt, All Rights Reserved. Fish,report,salmon,lake,michigan,Milwaukee
    • Well, after two and a half hours on the phone with Netgear and Comcast I have no resolution.  Comcast is coming out to the house on Wednesday to see what the problem is.  I am on the 150 mbs plan and I still only get around 30 on a speed test.  Even when I wire directly to the router the performance is the same.  I may upgrade to the Roku Ultra as well.
    • The speeds that you show are enough for streaming, the roku stick is not their best streaming device. I use Roku 3 and used to have your bandwidth with no problem.
    • fishingstar 4th win with 319pts. 2--Fishing_Novice             314 3--mnwildman                   304 4--Juneau4                        283 5--BlackLundProV            279 6--gregg52                         268 7--icefishinnut                   218 _____________________________________________________ Seasons totals 1--Juneau4                       4635 2--Fishing_Novice           4490 3--gregg52                        4462 4--mnwildman                 4423 5--icefishinnut                 4387 6--BlackLundProV           4371 7--fishingstar                   4309   Chicago is the next stop 🏁
    • nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • The greenhouse experiment this year has paid off for me. I got to plant about a month earlier than I usually do.
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