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  1. Large cracked opened up last night on South side about 100yds off of noffkes. Couple fisherman fell in early this morn on atv as cracked was hidden by the snow cover we got last night. Thankfully they were rescued by local vol. fire dept. Tread carefully, ice still isn't great.
  2. White Bass and Walleye are picking up on Winnebago near the mouth of the Fox River. Walleyes are starting to move back on to the reefs. Trolling on the sides of the reefs or anchor in an slip bobber these girls. Casting raps and flicks while anchored is also producing. Wolf River will be starting up soon for the Fall run. Not a lot of pressure but a ton of good fishing to be had. pulling jigs or wolf river rigs with worms or minnows will produce. Good Luck!!
  3. Afternoon guys n gals. Things are steadily picking up on Lake Poygan. Walleyes, crappies, white bass and northern are biting. Look to downsize to bluegill and crappie baits for walleye n craps. If you can find smelt use it for pike otherwise grab the largest shiners your wallet can buy. Several 40+ pike taken this year. Plenty of muskie biting too so take care of them if you land one. Things on Winnebago are picking up and the ice is finally thickening up. Walleye and sauger have been producing off of oshkosh up to 4miles out. Tread carefully though as ice is still spotty. 4 wheeler recomm
  4. Looking at about 9lbs, but with that fat belly on her, prolly a bit more than that.
  5. Yes, because of the regulations put in place within the last 15yrs, we have been able to allow these fish grow older and bigger in size. To be honest, more regulations right now would probably kill the sport all together. We as a group work and respect the biologists and want to do what we can to keep this sport alive. They ask us what we would like to see done and they take that into consideration greatly. If you look at the vast area the Winnebago system covers, the acreage of lakes and 100's of miles of rivers that are connected, there are many fish that will never be seen by a human. F
  6. You have a viable point, but as we talk with DNR Biologists, who's only job every day is to help the sturgeon population will tell you that the numbers of sturgeon available in our system will never be threatened by spearing seasons due to the management efforts. The population numbers are estimated at over 50,000 adult female/male sturgeon. This doesn't include juveniles. Over the 20yrs that I've been doing this, there never has been a reason to think that we won't have this sport in 50yrs. They put so much science/study/money into this that it would take a specie based disease to wipe them
  7. Conditions: On the big girl of Winnebago you will find anywhere from 22 to 27 inches of ice. Water clarity has been holding steady at 15 to 18ft respectively. Most cracks have been sitting still, there are plenty of bridges out to ensure safe travel. Please contact the bridge owners if you believe it's setup is deteriorating. With the amount of traffic this week, they get worked over pretty good. Lots of fish reported in the Oshkosh area, onward south towards Wendt's. I'll have more updates after scouting the next 3 days coming up, along with some Lake Poygan and Butte Des Mortes updates. St
  8. It's that time of year again, the big ol'shacks pulled off the ice holes, the spears are rigged up and the gaf's are sharpened. Thousands of anglers will be hitting the Winnebago system this upcoming weekend for Sturgeon Spearing. Myself will be joining the crowd on Winnebago this year in hopes to sticking one through the 4x6 opening of my shack. We have plenty of ice, a bit too much snow, great clarity and plentiful numbers of sturgeon. Predictions are out for a 2-3day season which doesn't happen to often. Check out my HSO Insider Blog for the step by step process on our rich tradition. E
  9. "In the meantime, he said, he’ll get ready by setting up droneports in key locations. And if he decides to do any more testing of beer delivery, he won’t put it on video." I forsee more of this in the near future. If anything, they just created a movement for this idea. Props to them. Drone delivery for bait, beer and food. The world just got to be a better place.
  10. I have yet to buy a uncle josh beaver dam. I have over 30 arctic fisherman dams between myself and my father. People tend to sell them cheap at rummage sales. Knowing I can easily tune these up to be in practically brand new condition, I have some that are over 30yrs old and work flawlessly. I admit, I have and do you use a few frabil thermals for walleyes if we are in frigid temps like this week, but otherwise it's Dams. I cannot fathom buying the new rounds for that kind of money. That's upsurd. I don't know if it's Uncle Josh or what but ever since 2011, their prices are redonkulus. You c
  11. Lake Poygan: Travel with Caution. 95% are going off of the South landing (Noffke's). Traveling from west of the Southern Public Landing to the Willow is not advised. 2 vehicles went through this past week. 2-4" of ice, why I have no idea....From Public to East there is 12-18" of ice. Most fishing is north the Hole around the Horseshoe. Looking at a mix bag of quality Crappie, White Bass and Walleye. Gold Kastmasters and Swedish Pimples are a good jigging choice. Don't shy from setting up tipups with crappie minnows or small shiners. Lake Winnebago: Large Hole 6.5 miles out from Oshkosh. Trea
  12. Yeah, this has been a confusing mess since I can remember. Some lakes would only allow "back" trolling, while other's allowed regular trolling. As long as I can troll on the winnebago system, I'm happy, but I know alot of musky guys that will like to hear this too, and obviously some that won't. Like I say, the K.I.S.S theory is always the best option.
  13. I scored one of these while I was going for pannies in Iowa. Sadly, it was the only rod I ever used thus far for pannies. I change up the rod to one of a bit more quality and to my liking but reel wise, it's pretty smooth and overall just great. I've heard they were pretty much bought on wholesale this year and not really introduced onto the market. Far as I'm concerned, it would be a loss to the company if these things weren't stocked on the shelves next year. Considering those auction sites were selling them for hundreds and getting rid of them, i'm pretty sure this won't be the last we see
  14. After a tough spearing season, looking at the big picture, I believe the guy upstairs does this purposely in order to preserve this blessing we are able to enjoy every february. Our upriver lakes are based on a lottery system with about 500 tags drawn each year, with a 7-9yr wait right now. Winnebago goers can buy an OTC tag every year. The Upriver had good water clarity and tipped the quota on day 2. Winnebago had poor clairity and sketchy ice conditions which limited where you could spear thus making it very tough, and the season lasted all 16days with only 300 some fish taken. The way I loo
  15. Use to do this. Worked great for spearing sturgeon. Now, the DNR has outlawed everything. Basically if you can't bring it back out of the water, you can't put it down the hole. For spearing purposes now, we use PVC in a X that serves the purpose well. I remember guys bringing out truckloads of silica sand, Potatoes, egg shells, was pretty insane the length they went to light that bottom up.
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