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High Water Impacts Lake Francis Case - SD GFP

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PIERRE, S.D. – Heavy rains over the past week have caused high water on Lake Francis Case on the Missouri River and have impacted campgrounds and boat ramps near Chamberlain, Pickstown, Gregory and Platte.

Several boat ramps have been closed and more will close as Lake Francis Case rises. The high water level is expected to remain through the rest of June and into early July. Of the 23 boat ramps on Lake Francis Case, nine will continue to be usable if water levels do not exceed the current water-level projections. They include:

Cedar Shore high-water ramp, Oacoma

Snake Creek high-water boat ramp, Charles Mix County

North Wheeler, Charles Mix County

North Point Prairie Dog Bay, Pickstown

North Point St. Francis Bay, Pickstown

South Shore, Pickstown

American Creek, Chamberlain

Platte Creek, Charles Mix County

Buryanek, Gregory County

Boaters are advised to use caution because extensive underwater and floating hazards may exist in those areas.

Boaters can go online for the up-to-date status of boat ramps on Lake Francis Case.

“We will reopen the affected boat ramps and state recreation areas in the state park system as soon as possible,” said state Parks Director Doug Hofer. “However, additional rain could prolong the closures or affect additional areas.”

Campgrounds have also been affected by the rising water.

North Point Recreation Area near Pickstown

The campground at North Point will be closed through June 30. A temporary campground with 75 campsites will be set up at North Point between Prairie Dog Bay and St. Francis Bay. The temporary campground will include vault toilets, picnic tables and fire rings. The North Point dump station will remain usable. Campsites will be offered at a reduced rate of $12 per night and will be available on a first-come, first-served basis through June 21. Beginning June 22 and extending through July 8, the temporary sites will be reservable through the state parks’ reservation system online at www.campsd.com or by calling 1-800-710-2267.

Campers with reservations at North Point Recreation Area between now and June 30 are asked to call 1-800-710-2267 and select option No. 2. Campers can transfer their reservations to the temporary campground at North Point, transfer to other available state recreation area campgrounds or cancel and receive a full refund.

North Wheeler Recreation Area near Platte

The boat ramp and campground at North Wheeler are open; however, some of the campsites have been affected by the high water.

Other parks, boat ramps and campgrounds, such as Platte Creek Recreation Area in Charles Mix County and Buryanek Recreation Area in Gregory County, will remain open unless water levels exceed the Corps of Engineers’ latest projections.

Boat ramps are closed and camping is not recommended at the following lakeside use areas:

White Swan

South Scalp Creek

Dude Ranch

South Wheeler

Joe Day Bay

Elm Creek

Dock 44 Marina, Fort Randall Marina, American Creek Marina and the marina at Cedar Shore Resort have been impacted by the high water. However, many services remain available at those locations. Customers may contact the businesses directly for more information.

According to officials from the City of Chamberlain, which operates and manages American Creek Recreation Area, the campground at American Creek will remain open but with limited sites and cabins available. The City asks that all customers call 605-234-5151 for campground information and reservations at American Creek.

The following recreation areas and boat ramps on Lake Francis Case operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are closed for an indefinite period of time:

Buffalo County

Left Tailrace Campground Recreation Area

Old Fort Thompson Recreation Area

Spillway Recreation Area

Lyman County

Right Tailrace Recreation Area

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • WOW!  More wow to come.  😎
    • Great looking plots and Set-ups! My early season clover plots are doing very well! This weekend I will work on the fall brassica plots, have 3 small ones, about 1/2 acre each to put in. Can't get to them with a tractor so will be doing the tilling with a walk behind garden tiller. Going to be a ton of work but this rain will be great to soften up the ground. I will also be sliding a few portables around and I need to finish to more enclosed permanent stands. I usually do all this stand work in April/May but this past spring I just did not get to it...
    • Nice! I will put a few out this weekend.....
    • Next up was installing the floor. We went with 3/4” marine grade plywood. I also coated both sides and all edges with a water sealer just to be sure.    After installing the plywood floor we put the furring strips in and ran the wiring.    Each wire goes back the front wall where I made a little panel. The front wall has an opening for a 55” TV that sits flush in the wall. The little squares above and below the tv opening are for in wall speakers.  This is half of the wires the other side of the panel has the other half.  This is all the positive wires coming through the front wall and behind the panel. I forgot to take a picture of the back of the panel after I cleaned it up and put the negative wires through.  Here is a picture of the front of the panel while I was booking everything up. All the positive wires on the left and negative on the right. My wiring is a lot different than most shacks. I’ve never made a panel like this before so I didn’t really know what to order. The terminals that the wires go into are called din rail terminal blocks the snap onto a little piece of aluminum called a din rail.  Later I found stackable ones that would have saved space but I like how it turned out. Each terminal block has a slot in it where you can put a jumper. So everything that was going to be on one switch would be jumpered together. Things on a different switch would be jumpered and so on. The terminal blocks have a hole on the top where one wire comes in and gets screwed down to hold it and there is the same on the bottom. So once the terminal blocks are jumpered to things you want on the same switch you only need one wire out the bottom. Things that were ran off of the switch went out the bottom and over to the relay board. You do the same for each thing you want to run off a different switch just run a wire to a different relay. The long green rectangle thing on the right is a relay board. Our house has 12 light switches not all of them are used yet but they can be so I bought a relay board with 12 spdt relays. The green square on the left is an arduino which is basically like a mini computer chip that you can program. I’ll explain more once I get to what our switches look like. The bottom right of the panel is for the trailer lights and brakes and all the stuff that hooks up to the truck.  I eventually replaced these normal terminal blocks with the din rail style.  Here is the wiring panel all finished up.  The reason for using all the relays and arduino was so I could use this light switch and eventually be able to control everything from a smart phone. In the fish house we have 2 of these switches which each have 6 buttons on them. Each switch has a set of cat 5 cable running to it. One set is connected to the atduino board and sends a signal saying the button was pressed.  The other cat 5 wire is to send a signal to turn on and off a little light next to the button when it is pressed   Here is the back of the switch. So basically how it works is the arduino has pins on it that can send or receive signals it also has pins that can send 5 vdc or 3vdc. So one wire from the arduinos 5 v pin hooks up to the back of the switch where it says sc (switch common 5v coming in). A different wire connects a different arduino 5 v pin to the terminal that says pc (pilot common which is just the little lights next to the buttons). So when a button is pressed a brief 5 v signal is sent from the arduino to the switch which goes through board on the switch and to the wire terminal that is for that button the signal is then sent back to a digital pin (receiving pin) of the arduino on a digital pin. The arduino has to be programmed to receive different signals on the pins you want. Once the arduino sees that a button was pressed it sends a signal over to the relay board saying a button was pressed close the relay that corresponds to that button. When the relay closes it allows the 12v to go to whatever you want to turn on. The nice thing about how this system works is everything can be changed in a matter of minutes. Say I wanted to have the ceiling lights be on button 4 instead of 1 you just have to change a couple of numbers in the code and plug the arduino into your computer and upload the updated code. I’m sure I lost most people right away and I’m not sure if anyone else would even want to do something similar but If so you can message me and I can try and explain it better. Before this I’ve never done anything like this so I had to learn all of this online and how to write little bits of code and do all that which was fun but also frustrating at times since I didn’t have anyone to go to with my questions.  Not sure If this video will work or not.  4B8EE058-806B-4BF6-8DD8-8FC76BE46BD0.MOV  
    • Everything is going strong now. Been making salsa for the last week or so, have been doing abt's with the jalapenos,  thinking on letting them go red to spread it out a bit. The early girls are kicking em out but the big boys have a bit. Canned two jars of pickles with more coming down the pipe, but I'm gonna hafta start grilling some zucchini,  can only make so much bread.    Bell peppers seem to be running a little on the small side, starting to change colors but was hoping for some better sized ones for stuffing. Snap peas did good out of the gate but are trailing off already,  ya gotta love this time of year!!
    • juicy or freeze dried?
    • Most of the state has been experiencing sunny, warm, and beautiful summer days. The forecast predicts some rain over the next day or two, but otherwise it looks like warm temperatures and clear days and nights. Canoers at Mays Ledges at the Brule River State Forest.These mild and sunny days have been great for canoeing and kayaking and many river water levels are moderate and perfect for paddling. The lower Wisconsin Rivers is running just about normal for this time of year, with many sandbars popping up.Much of the state has been hovering at moderate fire danger this week, which means, in the right place, wildfires can happen. Nearly 60 wildfires have occurred across the state in July, mostly caused by fireworks or sparks from equipment. .
    • Looks to me like a great fishing cart...mount some pole holders on the sides and a cup holder for your beverage and life is good!!🎣
    • i still have some from 2016, most from last year yet but i like to stay ahead. how do they say it........i like to let them MELD!!!!!!!!!😁 that was a 1/2 bushel, smaller batches makes it not so over whelming. especially on a work nite.