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just wondering

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if a fisherman tells you that all fisherman are liars.....would you believe him?????.... smile.gif

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I would tell you "yes", but then I'd be lying... wink.gif

Warwick Lynch

The fishermen's story.

Down through the years there's been laughter & tears
at the stories that fishermen tell,
Of the wars that they've fought & the fish that they've caught
In conditions that bordered on hell.

They use terms for their gear that is totally unclear
To the average man in the street.
Gone are those days, those barefoot days
When bamboo & string were surfeit.

Though weigh-ins are quite formal & behavior quite normal
While the catch is put to the tape,
But after a few beers he will bore you to tears
About the size of the ones that escaped.

There is Viking folklore of the mermaids of Azores
& Atlantis the under-sea state.
There is Ahab & Dick, & Jaws, the flick,
& Of course Jonah who finished as bait.

So as legends of old have historically unfolded
Today we still hear feats of fishing,
You're probably aware that a great deal of care
Has been taken to preserve the tradition.

Now there's the fresh water Walla who stands up to his collar
In those freezing wilderness streams,
Casting maggots & flies from sunset to sunrise
Leaving most of them tangled in trees.

There's the variety of cattle who prefer to do battle
On the beach, with antenna-like poles.
When they talk of the fighting they done with a whiting
Dunkirk seems like an afternoon stroll.

The rock-hopper, it's noted, is waterproof coated
& They'll tell you the tide is quite sneaky.
But the logic they use for the places they choose
Seems the waves aren't the only things freaky.

Now the boat-loving troupe comes in three different groups
Unique in their own special way,
They dismiss out of hand that it's safer on land
Or their boats aren't as safe as the day.

The displacement mob all have composite jobs
Made of timber & caulking & rust.
With double lung diesels with cancerous wheezes,
Will tell you that flares are a must.

Their smells a selection of years of neglection
Of bilge pumps that are throttled with scales,
Of decaying brown rags & used plastic bags
& Berley nets choked with entrails.

The out-board fraternity go from here to eternity
In barely the flash of an eye.
All through the day in the shadows of spray
Across the horizon the fly.

They sit & they stand with equipment so grand
& Their rods all clamped in a row.
They'll stop & they'll cast then off they will blast
To another great spot that they know.

Their mark of success say all of the rest
Should be treated with a good deal of caution.
They sarcastically state that in pursuit of the bait
The fish simply die of exhaustion.

Now wide on the coast & playing mine host
We find the elite of the group.
Okanuis abound as he passes around
The champagne that they drink on the [PoorWordUsage].

With hot & cold water & somebody's daughter
In their turbo charged Randalls & Cats
With computerize reels & Pierre Cardin creels
It's important to know where it's at
As the outrigger bows to the pelagic foes
When the hook & the trace strike home.
The battle begins as the anglers strapped in
To his hydrodynamical throne
For an hour of two the struggle ensues
& finally the gaff puts paid
& Back on the wharf the cameras go off
The quarry is proudly displayed.

After the fuss the fish is untrussed
& They toast as the sun slowly sets
"Here's to the fishes & those long-lining drifters,
That's one the bastards won't get".

Now this whole thing began in some foreign land
This pretty smart bloke, so it's wrote,
Told Pete on the side, "cast your gear to the tide"
& The catch nearly capsized the boat.

Now you may think this untrue but I'm telling you
That no one has equaled that feat:
& Down through the years there has been laughter & tears
Cause that's been the story to beat.

Though it's been said before in fishing folklore
It's a fishermen's greatest desire,
But I think it uncouth to say they only tell truth
When they call one another a liar.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Foam may give me a couple extra days. I try to pull the shack ahead for fresh ice every two to three weeks.    Alot of times I have to move due to a heavy snow fall or warm streak. As the weight displaces water caused from the sagging ice sheet underneath me.    Nobody ever said living on A floating ice cube for two months straight was going to be easy or smart.    
    • what garmin do you have?  garmins lake maps here: https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/125128#devices
    • as some of you know by the various topics I"ve posted on different ice house questions, you've guessed this is my first year with one, and thanks for the responses so far.  another question, how long are you guys getting to run your ice castles on just a 12 volt group 27 power supply? the other night, i was getting some stuff ready, had the heater running, lights, and radio. about 15 min later, my 3year old co/propane alarm detector was throwing the low voltage alarm. I always have the battery plugged in with the built in battery maintainer ice castle provides. so i thought the charger may have been shot, tested the battery with a 12volt tester and everything was good. hooked up a different charger and that read full battery.  so I turned the heat off and the radio with the 15 sec beep going and it stopped after i had just the LED lights going. I called the manufacturer of the co/lp alarm and she said the low voltage goes off at around 10volts. the battery is 2 years old.  next thing i did was swapped batteries with a 1 year old battery, ran everything the same for  a good 40 minutes with no low voltage alarm going, so now I"m thinking my 2 year old battery cant handle the load high enough for the alarm to go off even though the lights are bright and no sign of being weak.  so long story short, how long should i be able to expect to have my lights, furnace, and radio on-granted my current battery is good to go? I'd figured it would be nice not having to run the genny at night if i can get away with just the furnace and no dam low voltage alarm waking me up at night
    • That's interesting. I would believe fish gorge themselves then go a day or two without eating.  They probably don't eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and second dinner like I do!
    • If you're confined to the sleeper then your results are going to be hit or miss and your odds of a really epic day aren't very good.  You'll probably catch some fish in the sleeper but I have yet to experience a truly great day by just staying in the sleeper.     Like others have said Cookies on Red Lake is a good option.  I've stayed with him before and he moved the house for us on Saturday afternoon when we only had a handful of fish by then.  The bite didn't pick up substantially with the move but its nice to know the guy is doing everything he can to give you a good trip.   I haven't stayed with Johnny P at Red Lake Remote but I've heard nothing but good things.    I think if you explained your experience to any of those guys they'll do their very best to give you an epic day but of course they can only do so much.   Do you usually come up with a bunch of other people or by yourself?  Maybe there is a way to get you out in a more mobile set up where you can go punch a bunch of holes and go find the fish.  From my experience there really isn't a trick to fishing Red Lake its all about moving around drilling lots of holes until you get on them.   Just find a spot without anyone else around and start drilling.  
    • i'm hoping santa brings me some!!!!!!!!!!!! but i've been told i havent been all the good the past year!!!!!!!!😩
    • Plan on an archery tag again this spring.  Only Minnesota, hope to someday hunt a Merriams somewhere.
    • not sure how accurate this is, but i read once that a fish will eat its weight once every 3 days????????????
    • I was at Cabelas over the weekend and they had a sign at the fish tanks with the feeding schedule. They only feed them 3 times a week, and there are some really nice sunnies and crappies in those tanks. Made me wonder how often fish actually eat. Also gave me a great excuse for all those times I go out and get skunked.
    • As Leech said, I would contact Johnny P with Red Lake Remotes. He used to post a lot on this site and seemed to know the lake like the back of his hand. He started a few years ago with just portable houses in order to go "remote" but now has sleeper houses.