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copilot help

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The company's help line is not open on saturdays so I will start here: I have a co pilot I am trying to add to my 74 foot pound, 24v powerdrive with auto pilot trolling motor. When I plug the copilot cord into the motor and then turn the motor on, the motor spins counter clockwise 3 times, winding the cord around the shaft (I did this more than once counting the number of turns it made) If I plugged the motor in first and then plugged in the co pilot it does the same thing.

I tried pushing the reset button, I even held it in for a minute and never got a beep from the co pilot. I held the button in and pushed the buttons on the FOB, nothing happens. I went out and bought a new battery, noting happens. when the co pilot is plugged in to the motor and I plug the foot pedal into the other cord, the foot pedal doesn't work, but will work if directly plugged into the motor. I left the co pilot on the bench at the end of last open water season since I had the same results, I was hoping after reading about the re-set button that I would have success.............

I will call the company but I thought I had read about a similar problem someone else had with the motor spinning around 3 times.

Also, how deep do you set your trolling motor depth? bottom of the boat? just below the water line? WHat?

Thanks for the help....I will call the company on Monday but I am hoping someone here can help out before that phone call.

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i think your copilot is probably bad if you can't bypass it with the open foot pedal cord.. i don't know it your reset process is correct.. you could try it one more time...

disconnect the CP but not the motor power then while holding the button in on the side of the co-pilot plug it into the cord coming out of the motor (where it was to begin with).. NOW it should start a beepin process just let it beep until it is a steady tone I believe then it is reset..

I think the CP has a 2 year warrenty.. don't quote me on that

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Typically when it wraps the cord around the head it's a control or compass board problem... but, given your circumstances it sounds like the co-pilot's wacky.

how deep do you set your trolling motor depth? bottom of the boat? just below the water line? WHat?

That kind of depends on the conditions. If you're running in shallow water you'll only want as much in the water as possible. If it's choppy out I like to have mine down as far as it can go to keep from coming out of the water in rollers.


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