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Can you check???

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Is there any HSOforum or something put out by the DNR that allows you to check how many birds have been taken in each zone per season? I would think with electronic registering that info should be out there somewhere.

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Last year's info but not aware of any for this season's info.

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    • Where did the 7 million come from to save the jobs?  My understanding it came from tax subsidies from the state of Indiana, if that's true it would seem to me that Trump would of had nothing to say about it and he is not empowered yet to be bailing out companies. Sounds to me as if this whole thing was probably hashed out and settled a long time ago and this is just a See how I keep my promise that Carrier wasn't going to go to Mexico.
    • I suspect she had help with that article   
    • The guy at Scheels told me the new battery fits the old model augers.  I've got the original Ion as well and asked about it.  Verify, but that's what I was told. 
    • It's been a joke forever but I guess if you are a believer then you don't find it funny. I highly doubt "most people believe" but it's not like they have truly been given any options. The parties are breaking up right in front of our eyes, it is very entertaining to watch. I suspect they don't last 10 more years at this rate.
    • Sorel Pac Boot.  My search ended on those 15 years ago.  I haven't battled cold feet ever since.  No need for special fabric or battery powered socks or toe warmers.    I have to also mention, understand the body's thermal system.  Long ago, Modern Marvels did a show on it.  The short version is that you have to keep your core and vital organs warm.  Then your body will send surplus heat to your head, fingers, toes, and other regions you wish didn't sweat so much.  Big part of that is blocking the wind. 
    • Food plots are no more threat than farm fields or logged land.  If you're really concerned about food plots spreading CWD, you better get on the horn with the University of MN ag program and urge them to kill off their cover crop program and quit promoting the idea to farmers.  And bait piles, should farmers should be fined for missing the silage wagon with the chopper, or the semi with the grain auger?  Should it then be illegal to no-till farm?  Should alfalfa be banned completely from agriculture?    This whole thing is a joke predicated on shaky at best science driven by fear.  Eat that deer, it could kill you.  If you don't shoot every deer, it could kill you.  If you enjoy your hunt, you have too many deer.  It's just too convenient they found 2 positives right in the middle of the two zones they've been trying to clean out for years.  Ten tags per guy didn't do it I guess, so they decided to pull out the nuclear option.    Meanwhile, no monitoring is being done on the Wisconsin border from the twin cities to Duluth where WI has border counties with CWD.  So I ask, are they really trying to stop the spread?   MN banned the import of carcass parts from out of state months earlier.  Were they really serious about preventing infected animal parts from entering the state?  Because it sure seems like there was zero effort to police the borders or even get some messaging up along the main roads.    So, we're left to draw one of two conclusions.  They're either very poor at running a conspiracy, or they're completely unqualified to tackle this threat.  Either way, I see no reason to put any faith in what the DNR says or does.  I'm not going to shoot a doe and neither is anyone else in my party.  And I will champion that message to every person that will listen. 
    • There is no way whatsoever the queen of word salads put together and uttered that sentence.
    • Glad to hear, now any insights as to how the carrier deal is helping to save our country?
    • Nope,. Doing well.  Trump will be President and my vote helped save the country.      
    • Well, if you assume the govt is better off giving tax breaks to one company to keep 1000 jobs, then you should be able to safely assume they would also be better off to give all companies tax breaks to keep jobs here..   Why single out one company for special treatment?
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