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Fishing Easement?

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I usually only trout fish on waters where I either have a relationship with the landowners or know of a public access spot. However, this weekend I will be down in SE turkey hunting, and would like to do some trout fishing during the lulls (or hopefully after I blast a bird the first morning!) I don’t know of any public access spots we will be close to, and the land we will be hunting on doesn’t have any fishable water. Checking out the DNR map, it looks like the stream nearest to us (money creek) has the fishing easements. What does this mean? Can I cross private land to get to the stream? I will probly still go ask the landowner, but I am still curious to know what the fishing easement means.



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Fishing easements mean that the landowner has agreed that the DNR put in accesses. These are usually step ladders built over fences. They also mean the landowner isn't going to come tearing over with their 12 gauge and tell you to get off his property smile

Good luck with the birds and the trout! I don't get up to bat until the 2nd week of May... make sure you leave some for me

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yup, just look for the ladders. there will usually be a place to park nearby.

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    •   The best system is one where consumers are left with a choice, so yes. I would agree.
    •   In other words, officer duffy, and the rest of the lib - tard nation's got nothing...     Lolololo.....

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    • Will do.  We were just up there for ice fishing on Bass. First the drizzle and rain came, then the wind blew us all the way home.  We did get in some good sight fishing for bass though. 3-5 fow on the edge of reeds.  Real cool to see the bass come in and take your lure that shallow.  We got a couple of 18" +.

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    • Started at the new easement yesterday, thinking fishing would be lights out. But that just wasn't the case. Fished the bridge crossing on liberty road for the first time. Nice little spot, but the houses are too close to the river for my liking. Kids spent the entire time playing in the woods and making "trout traps". I caught 5 brown trout, including 2 12 inchers that were really bright creamy brown colored. Black panther martin with brown dots did the trick. Bugs started showing up late afternoon, but there still wasn't much surface activity. Hopefully with the warm temps through next week, things will really be hoppin' next week!
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