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Looking for Baseballs

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I'm looking for a bunch of old/new/used baseballs to throw to my sons for batting practice. Anybody have a bunch laying around and want to get rid of them.

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I have a bunch of balls...most in decent shape(I coach baseball). I may even have some old gloves and stuff.

I would guess I have $30 worth (give or take if you add old gloves)

What are you willing to barter?

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    • First and foremost Donald Trump is an enemy of the Truth,why would the whitehouse ask the FBI  to knock down recent Trump/Russia stories ????What are they afraid of ??? Could it be the the TRUTH
    • Trumpettes would make a great anchor for said boat. 
    • Man the Avs are a dumpster fire this year, looking at that team when we knocked them out of the playoffs they were loaded with young talent and had the potential to be one of the best teams in the league. Now their stars are gone or playing way below their capabilities and everyone else looks like AHLers.

    • Yet for all of our success in western medicine its hard not to look around and see people dropping like flies from numerous diseases and other health issues. Not sure if I am here to defend Juice or not but I will toss an alternative view into the pot.

      I think sometimes overlooked in the healthcare mess is stress, lifestyle and belief. Stress is basically a killer, maybe more than anything else, if one can reduce stress you will go a long way to being healthy and happy. Of course getting cancer is a very stressful event so that can spiral out of control. Lifestyle is similar, eat healthy and exercise and you can take control of your health on your own. Not that healthy people don't die but the majority of the health issues could be traced back to what we eat. I kind of believe food is medicine, you are what you eat and all that jazz.

      Belief is where I will catch the most flack but here is goes. Earlier in this thread people talk about placebo's, they are medical proof that the mind can fool the body. So if you have a strong minded individual why can't you do more? If one believes in the witch Dr. that is going to work for him, if one believes in western treatments that can work for that person. I know a guy who is still alive after the witch Dr treatment, we kind of ridiculed him in private at the time but for whatever reason it worked. The power of the mind can absolutely change things and this is scientifically proven, only our limited thinking can determine what we are capable of. I say go with what you believe and keep and strong and positive attitude. Maybe beating cancer is mental, then eat well, lower stress and take care of yourself and see what happens. I'm not saying don't use modern medicine but I wouldn't completely shut out the idea of using alternative treatments along side it and see what works for you.

      Good read here about a guy who went back to an island near Greece to die. No placebo here but something could be said for lowering stress and lifestyle changes.
        Another good article on the placebo affect, the man still died of cancer but you should read the story anyway because belief played a big roll in his short term cure and death.
    •     The DEA, in making its long-awaited announcement, said the decision to keep marijuana as a "Schedule 1" narcotic “is tethered to the science.” “Right now, the science doesn’t support [the reclassification],” Chuck Rosenberg, acting DEA administrator, said.        Still not completely convinced the earth is round...

    • This is what the Whitehouse does don't you know that? Gotta love how the most "transparent" president ever gets a free pass from the press and the left when it comes to his war on whistleblowers and domestic spying. Let me know if you ever find that US propaganda Nick, its right in your face every day. Not here to defend Trump, just pointing this stuff out.

    • There is a lot of truth here, our food kills more people than guns, drugs, cars and probably a whole bunch of other stuff combined. Sure it is a slower death that drugs but looking at the cost of healthcare it is far more costly than the war on drugs and probably some wars overseas. It probably makes more sense to ban certain foods or the way we grow food than drugs but I imagine people here would go crazy if told they couldn't eat what they want. Some food for thought anyway.

      Same goes for alcohol, one of the worst substances on earth but if you were now told you couldn't have a beer after work on a Friday people would riot and this is coming from a beer drinker. Like I have said before there is no rhyme or reason to our drug laws, a lot of based on what the propaganda at the time was pumping out.
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