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  1. zepman

    Vikings 2014

  2. zepman

    Vikings 2014

    Lolol!! LABS and Purple...QUIT being fans then. Quit caring enough to post on a Viking thread. It's that simple....
  3. zepman

    Gopher Football 2014

    Gophs make the top 20/25 by attrition....I'm ok with that. Not great but it is was what it is...
  4. zepman

    Vikes vs Fudge??

    That's correct. Zimmer even called Ponder "out" last night in his presser for NOT making the correct line calls at the LOS. There's a reason the so-called great QB's don't get touched often...and it's not because they have great OL in front of them. They read the D, make the right calls and deliver the ball. How clean was that pocket last week with Teddy making the calls...0 sacks. Same line with Ponder and it was a fire-storm. It's not that hard to figure out what's the missing link.....
  5. zepman

    Vikes vs Fudge??

    Doesn't really matter who they beat or didn't beat BigD...after 5 games they're 2-3. Most people felt if this team could go 8-8 this year that would be considered a good 1st year under Zimmer. The're still on pace...
  6. zepman

    Vikes vs Fudge??

    IMO, this Vikings team is kinda "soft" right now. With hearing the news about AP getting suspended they come out and get blown out by the Pats. Same thing last night...Teddy not playing and the whole team kinda just throws the towel in. I watched Zimmers presser last night after the game and I'll bet we'll all see a much more animated head coach from here on out.
  7. zepman

    Vikes vs Fudge??

    I think pretty much everybody knew what was going to happen once Ponder was named the starter. Gurus points were all spot-on. So, the Vikes are 2-3 after a stretch that many saw them going 0-5...I think, given the schedule, we can all live with that. Move forward...Teddy will be back.
  8. zepman

    Vikes vs Fudge??

    The day we drafted Teddy...Ponder should have been CUT, traded or released. I've said it all along... This is something we don't ever need to be reminded of again.
  9. zepman

    Vikes vs Fudge??

  10. zepman

    Vikes vs Fudge??

    I hope they continue to run the read option with Ponder...at least he can run!!
  11. Mankato West Scarlets running wild in 5A. #1 ranked
  12. zepman

    Vikes vs Fudge??

    So do I... VIKES WIN!!!
  13. zepman

    Bye Bye Gardy Hello........

    +1 It had to happen....
  14. zepman

    Vikes vs Dirty Birds??

    BigDave, Please point out the "unrational" reasons why you continually keep shoving your foot in your mouth....
  15. zepman

    No Limit,RRR or Big Dave PLEASE

    You forgot Buck.... I agree...it was awesome!!