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  1. I think I'm going with the Toro with the Honda motor. Looks like a great mower.
  2. Hi guys- I sold my two old lawn mowers and now want to buy a new one. I'm down to a couple different ones. A Toro Personal pace $399. Comes with ability to quick switch from mulch to bag, and ability to leave mower running while blades stop...and wash port to attach a hose and wash the deck. Honda Dual blade $499. Ability to keep mower running while blades stop, dual blades better to mulch. Honestly just kinda wondering if it's worth the extra money.
  3. Cabelas has some good combos that R also pretty inexpensive.
  4. Cool. so i should just be sure to ask if they r the new ones.
  5. The unit I am getting is a Garmin Oregon 450... So I am wondering...if they do the hummingbird will the Garmin be soon?
  6. I am getting a few maps on CD rom here and I was just wondering if I should wait to the new year, or just buy them now? I would hate to rush into buying a map that will be outdated in a few weeks. Wait? Buy now? Thanks guys...
  7. So what are the downfalls or problems with this? What am I missing that would make we not want to do this? It seems too good to be true!
  8. I had the same problem...then I bought new blades and it works a lot better. I don't think you should need to pull up a few times to clear the hole while you are drilling. Once I changed blades it powered through. +1 to know how to tune up the auger so it runs hotter.
  9. So what r the downfalls? Why isnt everyone doing this?
  10. bigbad... Ohhhh. So the guy was kinda wrong in that unless you change the name, it will overwrite...but he never mentioned changing the name. That is great to know. I will still probably do the CD rom.
  11. So I just called the help line and here is what I found out...probably what you guys already knew and were trying to relay to me. Options: Chip: easiest to plug and play. CD Rom: Good because you can put the maps on your computer, then look at the maps on a big screen. you can also then download a few maps onto your device so you don't have to change chips out. Also...I think he said you may not have to "activate" the whole maps on your unit so it may not take up as much space and may help it run faster? Can put it on multiple computers...but he told me it will only work with one device, which goes against what some have said...don't know who to believe on that one. Down fall...have to order and wait for it. Download: Instant map that you get immidiately. The guy said that you can only download one map onto a SD card at a time, and that if you do mulitlple map downloads, they jsut write over eachother. For example. Lets say I wanted both the Mn Lakemaster and the WI lakemaster downloads. If I did the MN one first, as soon as I downloaded the WI maps it would in essence erase the MN maps. I really questioned him on this because I didn't think that seemed right...but thats what he said. So I asked him if...once I have put the CDs on my computer and loaded them onto my SD card if I could run multiple maps at once. He said that you CANNOT have two maps running at the same time. For example...if I bought the city Navigator maps to see local streets and the Lakemaster chip for the lake that I would have to "engage" the street maps when I am driving to the lake, and when I got to the lake I would then have to "disingage" the street map and then "engage" the lakemaster maps. So it seemed like best options would be either getting the CD or getting the chip. Honestly...I may call back to double check with another person. I can't believe that if you downloaded the MN lakemaster maps, then downloaded the WI maps you would lose the MN maps.
  12. I see from the posts that the CD would be best...but as I was looking at the Garmin HSOforum it looks like the only option I have for the Inland Lakes map- North Central, is the download. I don't see a chip or a CD rom. Am I missing it? Is there a second option for lake maps other than the Garmin Inland lakes maps?
  13. I don't...this will be my first.
  14. I know i put this in two forums but this one may get more traffic and thus better response? So I am getting an Oregon 450 for christmas and as far as I can tell I have three options of getting maps...buying the chips, downloading from computer, or buying the cd rom. (i think) can anyone speak to which option my be best and why? Or i could just ask...what is my best option to get lake maps on this unit?
  15. so my buddy and i were going to do a late aeration and dormant overseed. to piggyback off the original question...if we do an overseed right now will we hurt it in the spring when we add our early season pre-emergent or early season fertilizer?
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