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Bald Eagle lake, first ice report

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Well, I am please to say that tonight was my first night of the season on Bald Eagle lake, I went out from the boat launch, there were about 8 other people out on the lake, I had no less than 4" of ice from the launce to the bull rushes, I finally set up about 100 yards west of the bull rushes and was in about 3.5-4.0 inches of ice still. I had my eskimo quick flip 3, lantern, spud bar, vex, and rods/gear with me (probabaly bout 150lbs) and was totally confident in the ice. It was nice to finally be out on the ice! I did manage to forget my spare propane tank and had to hoof it back to the launch to get my spare (moonlight just wasn't quite cutting it

I was fishing in 15 ft of water with a small genz worm and a crappie minnow hooked through the back, managed 4 walleye (3 under 10" and one just over 13") Other than that, no action, I was very happy considering I only stayed out for about 2.5 hours and it was my first time out this year. Looks like we may have some good ice this year, (bout darn time!)



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Thank you, I've been having a itch to fish bald eagle and I'll be out there later today!

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any ice by the island?

Yes, whole lake is frozen over, I ventured out about 1/4 the way between the bull rushes and the island, I really wanted to get out to the basin, but Had nobody with me.

I'd love to get out there with another person and a rope and just take the spud bar for a walk. The ice was very consistant at 3.5"-4" and would immagine it should be all the way to the island, however there is often thinner ice at the southeast tip of the island, so its really hard to judge the status of that area.

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