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Abu Garcia Clicker Question

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Hey Gang,

Was hoping someone could help me troubleshoot an issue I'm having with my Abu 6500c3 clicker. I just can't seem to get the thing to work! Maybe one of the parts are going shot on it. Had the thing apart, and the springs are connected as they should be. I cleaned it all up, and re-lubed it. When I put the clicker "on" it clicks quietly for maybe 4-5 times then goes silent again. Not sure what the issue is. It seems to be put back together in good order - no binding of the internal clicker/handle mechanism with the spring/clicker assembly.

Do I maybe need a new assembly that the springs are attached to, or is there an easy fix to this deal?

I use it musky fishing, but also double it as a catfishing reel. Would be a BIG help if the clicker worked to hear those running cats!!!!



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Hard to say but those parts are fairly reasonable if they need to be replaced. Lots of places sell Abu parts.

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