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Lake Trout Jig/Spoon mold???

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(I posted this in Trout fishing as well):


So I was up in Canada and Lake Trout fishing for really the first time. We did pretty well with 1 oz jig heads with big sucker minnows and stinger hooks - in about 50 feet of water.

I talked to a guy who showed me a lure he says works well. The only problem is that you have to buy the mold and make it yourself.

It was a large lead flat-oval shaped thing with a trebble hook off the bottom. It was about almost 1.5" wide, at least 2" long, and close to .5" thick. His were painted white with silver flecks. He said you tip it with a big minnow head, drop it to the bottom, give three huge jigs and then start cranking up.

I think he said the mold came from a company in Texas (but I'm not sure).

Anyone know what this is?

Here is a nice 30" I caught with just a jig and sucker minnow:


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shoot me an email at

i might have something very similar to what you are talking about.

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Mskyfshntchr -

Sorry I haven't emailed yet.

Back over in the Trout topic some guys mentioned Slab Spoons and I found these at TNT tackle:

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I still haven't found exactly what this guy had but these are so close that I will probably stock up on a few - maybe even try some ice-fishing.

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