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  1. I am located in Dodge Center, MN. Bought a bunk bed from a guy and these came with it. We already had the necessary mattresses. Both are in good shape and came from a very clean house. Come pick up in Dodge Center- which is halfway between Owatonna and Rochester. Email me for info.
  2. Looking for a few guys to join a dynasty football league. Means you keep your team from year to year and manage it like a real NFL team. If you have never played fantasy football this way- You ARE MISSING OUT! My old league disbanded and I am getting a new one going. We generally meet in person on the day of the draft, but it is done online, so it wouldn't be necessary for the 1st year. After that the drafts are off line, usually. We meet in the Kasson, MN area. Hoping for the draft to be on Sunday, August 24th, but that isn't set in stone. Prior league cost $50, but that also isn't set
  3. Can anyone tell me or tell me a spot to find out what year's parts are interchangeable for a 1997 Polaris Indy Lite 340? In need of hood and windshield assembly mostly, so that's what I care most about. Since I am in need of parts- are there any good places with parts for these things in Southern MN (Rochester/Owatonna area) or close? In laws live in Redwood Falls, so that area would work too. Thanks!!
  4. I have always used a dry rub for bacon, but since I got a packet for a wet brine, I thought I would try it. Last weekend mixed up a batch of LEM wet brine for 25# of bacon. Today, as we are pulling the bellies out of the brine, we find a packet of cure in there. The cure was unopened. I thought for sure I put in the cure, but now I am second guessing myself. If I did, it would mean they put 2 cure packets in the seasoning and I missed one. So, I am not really sure if I added it. The temp was kept between 32-38 degrees all week. I smoked it to 146-150 today. I also did a dry rub on about 6#.
  5. I inject every roast I do. Gives some more juice to it, as well as flavor. My injection is fairly simple. This recipe makes enough for a 6-8# roast, so adjust if needed. 3/4c apple juice 1/2c water 1/2c sugar 1/8c salt 2T worchestershire 2T of your rub Mix it all well and inject. I don't let my injection sit in real long. I usually inject, get the smoker ready and going then re-inject with the juices that came out. Rub it down and onto the smoker. This tip really helped me: As you shred the pork sprinkle some of your rub on it and add a little bit of the juices. Stir it up good. Repeat
  6. Mine is similar. Roast into crock Fill crock with root beer- leave an inch or so from top Roast over night or all day. I go on high. Take pork and juices out- keeping the juices. Shred pork and return to crock. Add juices and BBQ sauce til it is where you want it. Add too much juice and it becomes quite runny. But, the consistency is up to you. Run it on high for an hour or so and it should be ready- stir if needed. I do it this way, if I don't use the smoker. It is a nice sweet sammy.
  7. The slo-mo of that shot was great!! The guy had his eyes closed before he even got kicked and he kept them closed for a while after
  8. I have had issues with the propane sometimes when using different items over the year. If you haven't had any problems with the smoke before, my guess is there was a propane issue. A couple things you can try: 1- try to keep your tank warmer. 2- Turn the gas on and off on the tank and or the smoker. 3- Unhook the coupler from the tank and rehook. Sometimes there is just a flow issue when it is cold and can be fixed by trying those things. This real cold weather makes it harder to use this stuff!
  9. Looking for a new fridge. The current one is too @#$$ noisy. Have heard these are very quiet. Reviews seem to be solid, as well. Anyone here own one? Thoughts? Thanks!
  10. I do an injection and a rub. Injection is some apple juice, water, sugar, worshestershire (sp?) and salt and sugar. Inject night before. I usually put in a 9x13 pan and cover in fridge. Pour any juices out and re-inject prior to rubbing. I use mustard to coat and then rub. When pulling, I also add some of my rub to the meat. Doing this takes your pork to another level, in my opinion. The flavor is the same all through the meat this way. That's my way- which is probably one of 10 million ways to make pulled pork! Good luck!
  11. I have a local meat locker buddy who said there was a place in Ham Lake that sold butcher supplies- Hamm's butcher supplies. Tried calling them and the phone number says it is no longer in service. Any idea if this place is still open?? How to contact if they are? Thanks!
  12. Ok, my biggest dilemma has been finding a buns/roll/bread for my pulled pork sandwiches. I have tried many hamburger buns, rolls from bakeries, etc. Nothing seems to work. In talking with a few people, one idea is to maybe use a baguette? I'm also thinking of a texas toast style bread and just putting the meat on top. I will say that most of the time this is just the smoked meat, with no sauce. Do you guys have any breads that work out really well with your pulled pork? Thanks!
  13. We mix beef tallow with our burger. About a 7:1 or 8:1 ratio of meat to tallow. Just enough to get the venison to stick together. To me, If you mix pork and all that other stuff with it you are losing the venison flavor. That's what I like anyways. TO each their own.
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