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Looking for a fishing partner this weekend

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I just got me some toys at Thorne Bros sale and I need to try them out! I was supposed to go to my buddy's cabin in Wisconsin but that fell thru. So now I'm looking for someone to fish with this weekend sometime - doesn't matter what time, I'm flexible. If someone has an empty seat in a boat, shoot me an email at

Otherwise I'm planning on going out to Calhoun or Harriet in my canoe Saturday and maybe Sunday as well, if that interests anybody

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    • A teleprompter really helps to not make people look stupid.
    • Team Europe had a chance last night. Leading late into the 3rd and the wheels come off. Even with a PP with under 2 minutes left to play they give up a short handed goal!? Tough one, but Canada is certainly the better team. Glad its over so we can get our players all back with the wild, but I did enjoy the tourney even though the US was terrible.
    • That would have been a fine answer.   Unfortunately instead he sat there with his mouth hanging open (figuratively) and looked like a total dolt.   This is the second time he has handled something in an interview poorly.  I guess he feels he needs the exposure but unfortunately he is not especially good at the interview thing.   At the very least he needs to practice deflecting the question.  Perhaps the "nobody especially" but "I prefer to look to American leaders of the past like (Calvin Coolidge, Teddy Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, William Calhoun, whoever he wants)"  He can't just sit there and and look stupid, which is what he did.    Maybe some role playing in preparation would have helped.   He can't be as ignorant and inept as he has come across in TV interviews.  
    • Del and D2E are now officially on the same side as Nancy Pelosi...
    • What? She has a Gary Johnson button in her naval?
    • This is probably the best answer, still though, Johnson is clearly the lesser of 3 evils.
    • The bottom (and top) plate(s) of your wall are stood on end.   
    • Thats a good point about setting the stand up on the side or backside of the tree.  I probably could have done that easy enough. In a pinch i suppose I could climb the same tree with my climbing stand on the backside and hide behind my empty ladder stand. I do plan to be standing when the deer walk through.  I should be able to hear them before they get into a clearing I'm hunting over so I'll be standing by time they get into visual range.  Any guesses at home many times I end up standing up for what turns out to be a squirrel? Of course all of this could be a waste of time since right now the forecasted wind conditions are completely wrong for this spot.  If the forecast holds I've got a couple back up spots I'll hit instead and will be using a ground blind or my climbing stand.
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