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Fishing in Minnesota?

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hello folks
I am coming to Minnesota in 3 months and taking a Beachcaster and tripod,
I am used to Beach Fishing in the UK, and havent done any Fresh water fishing for 20 years or so, and I was wondering if there are any Shore Fishing Tournements or Leagues or do people fish from the Lake sides??
are there any Shore/Bank fishing Clubs?
I wondered if anybody had experience of Catfish or the heavier
type of fishing there, also the Mississippi River there!
also is it legal to use lead weights in USA Rivers or Lakes? ie 3oz to 5oz weights etc
and is there any comercial alternatives to lead that people use like steel weights.
regards Malcolm

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I don't know too much about shore fishing clubs, but there are a lot of places to shore fish in the state. What city are you coming to visit? I mostly fish the lakes for bass and northern pike.

It is legal to use lead weights in Minnesota, but I've never had to use anything bigger than 1 ounce even in the river current.

Let me know if you'd be interested in bass or northern pike fishing while you're here. I'd be able to help you much more in that category.

Also check the species forums for "catfish".
There are some topics about shore fishing.

More than happy to answer any more questions. Just post them here or email me at

John K., a.k.a. wastewaterguru
Prior Lake, Minnesota

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