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Garmin Dakota 20?

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Does anyone have a Garmin Dakota 20 GPS? I am considering purchasing one. Just wondering how you like it? Anyone have the Minnesota LakeMaster miniSD card for it? Thanks.

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Thor they are very new, most retailers do not have them in yet. But should very soon. I got a chance to tinker with them in the field with a Garmin rep, and found it a very solid package. Find a retailer who has them in and get some hands-on time tinkering with it.

All of the LakeMaster software is available Micro SD, same updated maps as on the new SD's.

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Thanks again Ed. Ya, I have stopped by a couple of my local retailers and none of them have it yet. One very famous retailer told me that LakeMaster does make anything for the Garmins, so he suggested purchasing a different brand name GPS. Even I new better than that! I think he was trying the old "bait and switch".

I am trying to decide between the Dakota 20, Oregon 300 or the Oregon 550. Price difference vs. options/abilities.

After you were able to play around with the Dakota 20, do you feel the larger screen size of the Oregon series would be beneficial vs. the Dakota screen size?

Also, I see the Oregon 300 & 550 are "NMEA 0183 compatible" and the Dakota is not. What does "NMEA 0183 compatible" mean?

Thanks for your time.


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The Oregon series has a lot more miscellaneous toys depending on the model...300..400i (Inland Lakes pre-loaded) or 400T (Pre loaded with USA TOPO 2009)..ect.

For a unit that is primarily used for mapping and will run on a separate Micro/SD chip card for a particular region...I think the Dakota 20 is a bargain.

See Garmins web site in software/ will see they are partnered with LakeMaster in map data...same can be seen on LakeMasters particular retailer rep..was mistaken.

Check the Garmin web can select the different models and compare the have's and have not's to each model.

There are some very good GPS product review sites out there. Read up on some reviews, and see what sounds like a good fit for you in your target price range.

The new top of the line Garmin Nuvi is a sweet unit too....really depends on what is your priority's and how much cross functionality your looking for. A Garmin 760 Nuvi (Loaded model) runs $550..but I have seen refurbished units as low as $250.

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