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heating guy

vex trough haul transducer

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I recently acquired my fathers boat and I want to install my vex fl18 in the bow any input on the vex through haul trans and can you put them in the front the boat has a false floor

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can you put them in the front the boat has a false floor

I assume you're hoping to do a shoot-through-hull mount, where the transducer is epoxied to the hull inside the boat.

You need to pick a location where the transducer is in contact with the hull and the hull is in contact with the water --- you need both of those things happening or you won't get a reading.

One other concern with mounting it is you need it flat (parallel) to the lake bottom --- and the front of most boats have slanted hulls.

The best/most popular location for a shoot-thru-hull mount is in the bilge right in front of the transom.

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A Vexilar TK kit for a bow mount trolling motor would be a better option for the bow. Even if you did get the shoot through the hull to mount correctly in the front, it would sufer from cavitation and not read on low speeds would be it's only range of we are back to the trolling motor option again.

For the shoot through the hull application on an aluminum hull boat, the Vexilar Alumaducer kit in the rear sump area would be best plan.

You also could run the ducer and a Vexilar transducer extension cable to the front and add a Vexilar switch box to it so you can read it from the dash and the from when using the rear shoot through the hull mount. There are several option there too, depending on your needs.

The simplest plan for the a Vexilar TK puck kit for the Fl-18..$79..everything you need is in the box to mount the unit and mount the puck ducer to the trolling motor.

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    • Where did you hear that food plots were to be banned?   I have seen about banning "feeding deer"  which I took to mean the classic set up a feeder and dump corn and alfalfa in it.     Jumping on areas immediately has been shown to be successful in preventing isolated cases from spreading and becoming endemic.   Once it becomes established in the herd, it seems as if controlling it is no longer possible.   It also seems as if CWD is fairly hard to catch for a deer, or else it would be all over everywhere and all the deer in an area like Dane county would have it.    Oh, and the infected deer could have come from a deer farm, or from Iowa where it has been detected in the county bordering MN on the SE.    
    • I wouldn't call myself wealthy, but I've made good life choices that have enabled me to buy my own land.  Still pack my own lunch and watch for sales at the grocery store.  I don't own land in SE MN, I own land in northern MN.  The reason I am concerned is that this will serve as a template for herd control tactics in other parts of MN.  Understand that the game management agencies have conferences where they talk about managing hunters.  You don't have to look any further than the work of Dr. Gary Alt in Pennsylvania.    I can't put my finger on exactly what is going on with the results the DNR has presented.  Were the samples snuck in by a nefarious actor?  I wouldn't rule it out.  Was the disease always here and just finally discovered?  I don't see why not.  Is there a unique environmental reason that CWD hasn't gotten a broad foothold here?  It's possible.    If the agency had some credibility going into this, I'd be on board pounding kool aid myself, but they don't.  So color me skeptical.  None of the WI border counties along zone 3 have CWD according to this map.  However, Burnett and Polk do and there is no monitoring on our side up there.  Can a scientist explain that to me?  Because the geographic barriers up there are non-existent compared to  the Mississippi River along zone 3.       
    • I made the decision to replace the pump every few years rather than the carpet.
    • On my aluminum skid house I've been using thread cutting stainless steel screws from Fastenal
    • There might be a pleasant surprise in the works.   In the meantime, it is entertaining to watch anyway....      
    • Huh---Guess you must have the butthurt.
    • You are cooking it before you eat it right? I've only heard people using Cure when using dehydrators or may be for jerky when using burger. I have never used the stuff but don't like or make dehydrated jerky.   Seem to still be alive!
    • Creepworm, I am somewhat angry.  The reason it's fool hardy to consider food plots any more threat than a farm field is that the intentions of the planter don't change the flavor of the forage.  A food plot is no more attractive than the edge of a 160 acre bean field that meets a fence line, swamp edge, or grove.     Now imagine there are no farm fields or food plots at all, not even a decent yielding apple tree.  Deer will still communicate via scrape trees and licking branches during the rut.  If the current belief is that the prions spread via saliva, what's to stop wild deer from licking a branch that an infected buck has licked?  What's to stop a buck from rubbing their face all over a contaminated branch?    My fear is that lots of deer are going to be slaughtered in an area that just happens to have been a hot target for eradication before CWD was found.  I'm also worried we're going to get all kinds of bad rules imposed that won't do squat to actually stop the spread if the disease is actually in MN.  I'm worried we'll lose a critical habitat tool that allows us in harsh winter kill areas to help the deer make it through winter (food plots).    It'd be interesting to watch the DNR try to ban food plots.  Good luck defining what is and is not a food plot. 
    • Don't know how they got there.  Maybe they got confused with CWD and wandered up from Iowa.   Or maybe there are a few more but they didn't happen to get shot or didn't get tested.     So, you are a wealthy land owner?  Is the land in 348?     Sure, you are free to question the DNR.   I never said you weren't.   And you, so far as I know, are free to refuse to cooperate with the program to control CWD.   As I have said, that is exactly the response of the land owners in Wisconsin that I recall from back in the day.     However I am curious.   Are you accusing the DNR of planting or fabricating this instance of cwd for some nefarious purpose, like killing most of the deer in that area for unknown reasons?   Or do you just think that these were the only two sick deer and everything will be fine without any action? 
    • Nice product.  Would work great with my Lindell Ice Rigs....
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