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Indigo Buntings and Scarlet Tanagers are back!! Bluebirds on eggs!!!

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I got back from stevens point, wi a couple days ago and I have had my head glue to the window watching the feeder and yesterday morning and today the buntings and tanagers have been going crazy with the black oil sunflower seeds. I have never had either of these at my place in little falls, mn before but they are probably heading further north and once the trees leaf out more they are tough to spot. Just fun watching both of these beautifly colored birds atthe feeder and sit in the trees in the yard.

Also I checked one of my bluebird houses this morning and found mother bluebird sitting on 4 beaitiful blue eggs. Just put the house up in that spot a month ago and they are using it already!! My schooling seems to be helping and my placement was perfect!!

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Great to hear. I've been keeping an eye out for Tanagers but haven't seen any yet. Mourning doves have already fledged here and Grackles have hatched - I can tell by all the white spots on my driveway!


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