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  1. micpic

    A Squirrel of a Different Color

    I like your images, your squirrel, and your feeder. I'd read someplace in Illinois there is a village where white squirrel's are quite common. I don't know if they are true albino's as yours is though. Thanks for sharing! Mike
  2. micpic


    Yesterday Yellowrump Warblers showed up gouging on bugs. They were dressed out in their fall apparel.
  3. micpic

    Volleyball anyone?

    Net violation! One mean looking dude. Nice shots. Mike
  4. micpic

    Young Wood Ducks

    Very tasty too! Nice shots, they are a vary wary duck. Mike
  5. micpic

    In Step

    Nice catch! Twins. Mike
  6. micpic

    I Am Old

    If they were purple they would still look nice. Mike
  7. micpic

    Mrs Ruby

    Those are fantastic wing shots. The color and light is really a plus! Nice job! Mike
  8. micpic

    Nice looking family!

    That is way cool! A very successful hatch too, I may say! Nice images also!
  9. Brian, wild flowers often have alot of different names. But in this area we call it Queen Anne's Lace. Don't plant it in your flower garden because it's prolific. Mike
  10. micpic

    Mrs Mourning Dove

    While picking apples I found this mother dove sitting on the nest it took her a whole 3 minutes to build!
  11. micpic

    Goldfinch fledglings

    Sunday afternoon the Goldfinches brought their young to the feeders. What a noisy racket that was! This morning the young were using the feeders by themselves but still begging when the adults came around. I was a little worried about them this a.m. because we had over two inches of rain in a short time but it appears they are ready for the great outdoors.
  12. micpic

    Fledglings and a Molter

    Very interesting! Mike
  13. micpic

    Bird ID Please

    Still seems like a spotted sandpiper. The ones I've seen though are solitary but that's in the early spring. I'm sure someone with shorebird experience will weigh in on this. Mike
  14. micpic

    Bird ID Please

    Looks like a spotted sandpiper. Did you notice if it bobbed it's tail alot? Was it around water? Did you notice how it flew? Those are some clues. Mike