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Marcum LX3

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You made a great purchase, you will be very happy with that unit.

I'd start out if possible with some panfish to get a feel on how things work (if your not familiar with using a flasher for ice fishing).

Bring a water bottle and squirt just a small puddle on the ice and set the transducer flat on the ice (clearer the ice the better for this). You will need to adjust the gain until you start seeing the bottom. This will also allow you to see fish a lot of times, look for movement on the bottom (sometime they will just be flickers along the bottom) and any suspended fish. This is also an excellent way to find structure that will be holding fish.

Once you get fishing, adjust the gain just high enough to see your jig clearly. Work on jigging the fish up off the bottom and enticing them to bite. You will see how the signal becomes stronger as they near your bait. A lot of times it takes some coaxing to get them to bite - I like to bring them up slowly, just fast enough to keep them coming up, that usually will provoke a strike. If they quit following it up, go back down slowly so your jig is just above them and give them a chance to take it.

I'd suggest panfish, just so you gain some experience and confidence with the unit. If you have a good walleye hole or something, that will work just as well. Just as long as you see some fish and get a chance to work them on the flasher. You will get a feel for what gain is needed to see your jig and how the fish signals show up.

I'd also suggest not using the zoom right away until your comfortable using the standard features. The zoom is not at all difficult, but the split screen is a bit easier to read once you have the basics down. Good luck!

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I too just bought a Lx3 this weekend.Really tuff decession to make between vex 18 and LX3. I have fished Sitex fl5 for the last 20yrs and had to have it worked on only 1 time, hope I havesame luck with the marcum.Any helpful hints are greatly apprecicated.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • I guess I could repost the photos of my neighbor's house and garage engulfed in flames from when they were refilling those one pound cylinders.......   It was really interesting to watch.....
    • that looks slick but probably pretty spendy if you need to use the refillable cylinder. I wonder if coleman would work?  I just watched a different video where the one pounders are filled while using a small curved forceps to vent while filling. Went to garage and filled 3 that way. Worked dandy. Nothing has to be chilled. 
    • The one thing I liked on my Elite-5 was that when a fish was about to bite the return would turn very red. I don' tget that with the Showdown. Bit it does get a darker black.
    • did you just keep it square and cut a slot through it? any idea which one? seems like a bunch of options; https://www.homedepot.com/b/Building-Materials-Glass-Plastic-Sheets/LEXAN/N-5yc1vZbrdgZ5tg   i see 11x14" sheets for $8 a piece, but they only have a .093" thickness  
    • Chip is on the list, but will wait to see how good the included mapping is. Making my own will be great as there are no detailed maps for a lot of water I fish.   I may have triggered someone here with that link. 2 more sold since my last post. Seller also has the 5 for a good price. My eyes aint getting any younger though! 
    • I got an old  10lb'er on craiglist  for $10 a few years ago, got it re-certified at a local propane co-op and never looked back.  I love it.   Has anyone used this, if so how do you like it: Flame King Refillable 1 LB Empty Propane Cylinder Tank  with Refill Kit that looks like it would be ideal. 
    • I'm sure you included that link for a reason, so I'll go ahead and say it...you got a crazy good deal on that Helix 7!   It's going to take a little getting used to compared to the Vex, but you're really going to enjoy it.  Assuming you already have a Lakemaster Chip for it, or are getting one?
    • I’ve had this same issue myself for years. I like using a hose to a bigger tank but the 20lber is impractical unless able to drive out. I’ve searched for the 5lb and can find them easily ( Cabela’s, Fleet Farm). But the price will kill a guy. I can buy 2 maybe 3 20lb cylinders for the price of one 5lb. My solution, just continue to buy and use 1lb. Sams club is by far the cheapest at $12.50 (ish) for a 4 pack. I can usually get by on about 1 cylinder per 2 outings on average. Takes 4-6 4 packs per season for Me. Which yes is a lot compared to just refilling them but “convince” is more appealing then the cost IMO.
    • I used lexan... thought about using plexiglass but plexi and cold don't mixed when you have little ones around. I can stand on these and I am 275#