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Question for the Lowrance X67 experts


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I've had my X67 for about a year now and absolutely love it. However, periodically I have bands of white go across my screen. Top & Bottom will still show but the fish and my jig disappear. While this happens, the Fastrac will still show lines and the Flasher screen still shows detail. It will do this for a while then return back to normal. Last night I shut it off/turned it back on, moved the transducer, but no change. The connections look solid. I also noticed it more last weekend while I was outside. All my settings are pretty much as prescribed on this site.

Nothing serious, just annoying. I'm going to contact Lowrance but just curious if anyone else has experienced this?

Thanks for all your help on this site.

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I've seen this only once. I determined it was the Surface Clarity setting combined with my transducer not being below the bottom of the ice. Once I lowered it 6" below the bottom of the ice and turned up my Surface Clarity again, it went away. While my transducer was too high, I could improve it by turning down Surface Clarity but then I had a lot more noise in the water column, then I realized I had more ice thickness than cord out...

I've also had sporadic bands like this if my transducer cord is making a lot of contact with the sides of the ice hole, especially close to the transducer head. The sonar in this unit has significant percussion on deeper manual Depth Range settings - I make a specific point to not use a deeper manual Depth Range setting than the situation calls for.

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I think you may have nailed it Federline! I'm fishing on almost 30" of ice. I know I had alot of cord out but I don't recall if the ducer was below the Ice column. I've been dangling the cord into the hole so the cord definitely is touching ALOT of ice as it hangs. I played with the surface clarity settings a bit once before but like you said, I got too much noise. I bet the head was above the bottom of the ice then also. Now I need to find time to get back out and try it.

Thanks a ton and I knew this was the right place to get the info.

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I notice that I have troubles once in a while when the batery gets down below 11 volts. When that hapens its like I get a hickup in the system once in a while and everything slows way down, then comes back to life. And now that there is 34 inches of ice I am having a hard time reading jigs is graph mode that read easily when there was only 18 inches of ice. I can still read everything just fine in flasher mode, but I like the graph a little bit better.

I still love this unit and dont and wont go fishing without it.

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I noticed that once also. Was fishing in a house with an FL8 8' away and my voltage was in the 11's. It did as you describe. Again, nothing that kept it from doing its job. Went home, put a full charge on it, and haven't had those issues since (even while fishing next to the FL8).

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