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  1. jdsmi

    Ice Fishing Gloves

    I have a pair of Frabill Gauntlet gloves. Highly recommended. IMO, they're much higher quality that the Ice Armour gloves and are extremely warm. I have a pair of the Ice Armour Extreme mittens and they don't come close to the quality of my Frabill gloves. On the other hand, I will admit thru past experience with other Clam products, they stand behind their products and will take care of you if you're not happy.
  2. jdsmi

    GULP! Minnow Heads

    I've had very good luck with gulp maggots but haven't tried the minnow heads yet. As for the leaking issues (for the maggots at least) I leave the leaky jars at home. I use old contact lens cases to store them in. They take up very little space and leak proof. Problem solved.
  3. jdsmi

    New Mobile License option

    Thanks for the info DTro. I just did mine that way and it worked slick!
  4. jdsmi

    Clam Nitinol Spring Bobbers

    Thanks. That's the forum I was referring to, which is the only post I can find with any comments at all. What I didn't like was the brand bashing banter that resulted. Out of curiosity, I tried the cold experiment with a Nitinol leader and it took literally seconds for it to go limp. Crazy stuff for sure! The no-news theory may hold true in this case and leads me to hold off until more real world experience surfaces.
  5. jdsmi

    Clam Nitinol Spring Bobbers

    I'm interested if anyone has tried these. I read a report from one person that they turn to noodles when exposed to colder temps. Other than that one report, I can't find any other information. I'm interested in giving them a try but before I do, I'd like to know if the noodle issue is a common problem or a "bad batch" problem. I'm not interested in a noodle rod vs. spring bobber debate, which has already been covered.
  6. jdsmi

    Portable Ice House... Help!!

    I had this happen to my new Frabill a few years ago. I bought a piece of nylon Canvas from Wally World and used Tear Mender to attach it over the hole. I'm on my 4th year and it's still holding although the patched area is a little stiff. That said, with this project I learned that Tear Mender needs to "soak" into the material for it to work best which coated Fish house canvas doesn't allow. I've since found a much better product for this application called Tear-Aid. It can be found at Fleet Farm. I've seen this used on camper canvas. The finished product remains flexible and looks much better.
  7. jdsmi

    leaking Gulp alive jar

    Small Baby food jar works great. $.89 at the grocery store. Better yet, if you have a baby in the house, the jar is a free by-product.
  8. jdsmi

    x67c ice machine ducer set-up

    If you want a cheaper alternative to the Vex float, I use about a 4" piece of water heater pipe insulation. Just "twist tie" or "zip tie" it to the cord. It's about the same dia as the vex, already has the hole in it, and it's usually laying around. I read a while ago that the reason for their current design was to avoid patent infringements. Not sure if that's true or not but the metal rod it junk nontheless. Love the x67 though.
  9. I feel for ya. I had mice chew a couple holes in my new Frabill. I used a product that was recommended on this site called Tear Mender. I found it at Ace Hdwr. There may be better solutions but I'm going on my 3rd year on the repairs and it's still holding strong. Unless it's an emergency, I wouldn't let Duct tape touch my new shack. There are much, much better solutions than that.
  10. jdsmi

    Lowrance M68c

    Just an FYI on interference. I fished last week with 2 FL-8's and an HB 45 along with my X67 in the same house. None of us had interference issues. We knew the other guy had his turned on but that was about it.
  11. jdsmi

    Clam Console in a Trekker DLX

    I have one in my Trekker DLX. As stated above the leg is a little too long for the Trekker sled. At first, I used it as-is, with the leg set at an angle. I didn't like that because it would tend to collapse on me and the leg pointing outward would get in the way. Easy solution - I cut the leg down to the proper height (I can give you the dimension if needed). It's caveman simple to do and it works much better. When in place it does take up some room but the advantage of having a place to set your drink, bait, phone, lures, etc. far outweight any disadvantages. For the minimal investment, I would recommend it.
  12. jdsmi

    Gulp Maggots for panfish?

    Yup, I have both.
  13. jdsmi

    Gulp Maggots for panfish?

    "have you tried them side by side with the real thing? Ive done it a few times and switched back and forth and every time it was like night and day." I've used the real thing in the past but I don't recall any difference which was better. I may need to try again and pay more attention. I can say I normally use Gulp along side minnows, minnow heads, and various plastics and the Gulp will outfish the others almost 100% of the time - by a factor of 2-5 times. Looks like this may not be the norm but it is what I've experienced. As far as being stiff when frozen, any bait will be stiff when frozen. Keep it inside with your other supplies when not in use and it'll be gtg when it's time to fish. Just saying.
  14. jdsmi

    Gulp Maggots for panfish?

    Wow, that's strange. I've been using the pink Gulp maggots during the winter for a few years now and have had great success with them. The nice thing is you can fish all night with the same one. I've used the white Alive maggots also but the pink Gulp always seems to be the best for me.
  15. jdsmi

    Frabill Trekker Deluxe or Clam Yukon?

    I'm going on my 4th season on my Trekker DLX & still don't regret my choice one bit. For the price, I liked Frabill's features and quality much more than the Clam's.