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I'm selling some muskie lures. It's a package deal that I don't want to mess with breaking them up. Cost new for all of the baits below is over $150 (I added it up and it was $152 using Thorne Bros/Smokey's prices). I'm selling the package at the cost of $100 (you pay shipping).

The lures are:

1) Shallow dawg

2) Flatfish

3) Giant Chubby Darter (in glow dace- Salmo rep told me only six of these were ever made- don't know if that's still true, but that's what he told me)

4) Custom topwater that I can't remember the name of (I'm looking)

5) New, in box Slopmaster buzzbait (it's yellow and orange if you can't tell)

6) Salmo Fatso

7) Custom weighted reef hawg

8) Burt

9) Squirley Burt


As you can see, all of the lures are in good condition- nothing wrong with any of them.

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This is a really nice deal. A handful of years ago I bought my start-up collection of lures in a lot off the internet and was really pleased with what I got. You save so much money but still get a bunch of different lures to throw. One of those lures in that original lot also helped me get my first muskie. These lures include some very popular baits that could do the same.

Rookie or veteran muskie angler can get a really good deal.

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I've got a few DCG's, but they're not included in this sale. Believe it or not, I'm not a huge fan of the DCG's (I know, saying that is like swearing to a nun)- they're too dang big and pull too hard for me to cast them all day. However, they do catch fish... But I'm definitely not selling these because a bunch of DCG's replaced them (if that's what you're hinting at).

The nine lures pictured are up for bids- all fine lures and underpriced.

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