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  1. BrianLucky13

    Shore Fishing

    I was gonna do the same but the fishing around fargo has been too good. Talk to several people that say things are in full swing up there! Good luck!!!!!
  2. BrianLucky13

    Devils Lake weekend report

    You can drive anywhere with a 4x4.
  3. BrianLucky13

    Devils Lake weekend report

    8-12 close to deep water (35-40 feet.) Main bay...
  4. BrianLucky13

    Devils Lake weekend report

    Report from Thursday to Sunday... walleyes would bite during prime time no problem. Perch were there just wouldn't bite. It was cold. Walleyes everywhere up shallow
  5. BrianLucky13

    Devils Lake First timer

    Been up to Devil's 9 out of the last 12 weekends and haven't seen it slow yet. Always limits of walleyes but perch can be tough to find..
  6. BrianLucky13

    January Drillin'

    Do you guys see all the pictures many guides post every day of limits and more limits? Piles of fish everyday... limits of huge perch and walleyes laying on tables... it makes me wonder why I throw back 99 percent of my fish...
  7. BrianLucky13

    January Drillin'

    Yes its sad. But to each his own.
  8. BrianLucky13

    January Drillin'

    Big walleyes are on a decline I think. I couldn't imagine if they put a slot in that lake! Such an amazing fishery...
  9. BrianLucky13

    January Drillin'

    I did very good on devils this last weekend. Actually its always good. A bad day is limits of walleyes. A good day is limits of walleyes and some of those monster perch. An awesome day, well just go find out! Lots of water and hardly any pressure! After living in Mn the last 8 years I forgot how great ND is.
  10. BrianLucky13

    Devils Lake First timer

    Things are never slow on devil's. A slow day there is an amazing day in Mn! Drill a ton of holes and find fish. They move a lot!
  11. BrianLucky13

    ice reports

  12. BrianLucky13

    ice reports

    I've been fishing sunking islands, flooded roads and trees. Prime times its one after another on good days. Bad days its slow but still limits. I go after walleyes but there has been some big perch mixed in. Good luck. Let me know how you do!
  13. BrianLucky13

    ice reports

    Ice is great!!!! I've been up there 5 out of the last 6 weekends and drove out every time. Some places are 24+ inches. Least I've seen is probably 18 inches. Fishing either hot or not.
  14. BrianLucky13

    Go Bison!

    A lot of questions were answered today! Gonna be a 4 peat!!!!
  15. BrianLucky13

    Packers 2014

    Not good. Lacey got hit in the head too...