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4 stroke info



I am looking to buy a boat and motor from my neighbor and it has a 115 saltwater mercury on it. the question is he keeps it stored in a heated garage but never winterized it wondering what you guys think? possible problems or O.K.?

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Winterizing the outboard to me means.

Topping off the gas tanks and adding a fuel stabilizer.

Running that stabilizer into the system.

Fogging the engine.

Draining the lower unit and refill.

Tilting the outboard so any water in the lower unit can drain.

Draining the crankcase, filter change and refill.

If this wasn't done it might not be a big deal BUT not changing the oil would concern. 4 strokes outboards are known to build up condensation in the oil during use. The oil has to be changed anyway so you do that before storage.

If the lower unit seals are good and no water intrusion your fine there. Still you'll want to drain and refill before you take it out.

No stabilizer in the fuel and fuel system, you might be OK there. If it were done you wouldn't be worrying about it though.

Don't know what year outboard it could be carbed or DFI.

Topping off the tank, not a big deal in a heated garage. Its the hot and cold cycles that creates condensation.

Not Fogging the engine, considering the oil wasn't changed either, what can I say, double wammie.

Still that outboard isn't the only one not winterized last fall and just like those, it might be perfectly fine.

If it were winterized we wouldn't need to say, "might be fine".

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Great list of considerations from Surface Tension.

If you end up buying you'll want to have it serviced first, so I'd work in an "pending inspection" type deal with the neighbor. Either way, you'll both want it done, especially the oil change. Notice his list had a lot of "ifs" in it, doing this will clear up those "ifs".

I take mine in every fall and have it done by the dealer, so when the time comes to sell I have an invoice from every Fall showing what was done to properly winterize my motor. Litle lazy on my part as I could do it myself, but if I ever need to sell my ride I don't have this type of question from the buyer.

Good luck, but cover your bases first, so you get the peace of mind and don't end up in a mess with the neighbor.

Just remember the old adage... "Neighbors can make best friends or worst emenies"!!!


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