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Was fishing wallys last night, they were hitting on just about everything,
angel eyes, gem-n-eye, forage minnow,
and really after the glow devils.
Only problem is I LOST 2 OF MY GLOW DEVILS,
and I just got em a few days ago, darn, heh!

Anyway, I am useing 4# trilene microice line.
never had a problem until last night,
each glow devil I last was from a pretty nice hit and when I set, irt was gone, broke my line.
Dont know if they were a couple nice wallys, or probably a northern.
but my question is, should I be using a leader as I am assuming their teeth are cutting my line when there jomping that lure up.
If so, what size, brand?
I usually just use one of those clips with the little swivels on them tied to my line so I can change lure faster.

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What I would suggest doing is switching to 6 lb line, and staying without a leader. Alot might debate whether a leader affects the fish's willingness to hit, and in my opinion it does.

Another thing, and I understand it takes a little time out of "fishing time", is to re-tie every 3 or 4 fish.

Hope this is of some help,

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I know how you feel Dano, Earlier this year I was gill fishing and lost 16 jigs to them **** hammerhandles. Hate losing them at $2-4 a pop but that was where the fish were at so I just lived with it. I have never used a leader so cant help you there, but what I have heard is that the walleyes wont bite as good with a leader on due to there good sight. If it was after dark it could have been some hog eyes, I have never caught a northern after the sun goes down. I would maybe go even up to eight on one pole and do a little comparision. I know if there finicky you will have trouble with the eight in clear water. Maybe try some lighter test Braided line high strenghth low vis


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Thanks, I am wondering if it COULD have been a couple big wallys that i lost my 2 lures to.
I was thinking about it and they bit more like a wally, usually (as far as the experience I've had anyway) a northern will just smack it .
I will test it out with a couple different rods and see what happens.
I will also try retieing after every few fish,
I was at scheels and the guy sold me some leaders and said with spoons they should work fine, we'll see I guess,
I bought Berkley 12 in 20#.

The thing that gets me about going to hevier test line is the fact that in another thread a guy was crappie fishing and pulled in that 10 pounder with 4#.

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I agree with LundFish Vex. I'd switch to 6 lb mono, probably in something like Trilene XT. We landed several 15 - 20 lb northerns on LOW last year while jigging for wallys and broke off remarkably few of them. (like less than 10%)

If you still have troubles, then I'd try the spider wire.

The last resort would be a wire leader and I would expect a definate drop in the number of walleye bites if you did. If you do go as far as trying the wire leader, I'd get some very light bulk leader material and tie on directly to the lure. You can get some nylon coated material that you just twist back on itself and touch lightly with a flame. The nlyon melts and heals back together leaving a pretty clean connection. You will lose action in your lure by doing this though.

Now let me go back to where I started. First try 6lb XT. I think you will be surprised how tough it is. It's a lot better than 4 lb.

Just my two (or four) cents.


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I have never been one for leaders when it comes to panfish or Walleyes.

I think the 6 lb XT Trilene will help you out quite a bit in respect to break offs.

thanks, Westlin

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Dano2, I just switched one rod over to a line called power pro in a 10#/2#dia. moss gr. I've caught quite a few northerns/walleyes with it and havn't been bit off yet. If you're hand lineing them wear gloves, the stuff will cut you, I've got the scars to prove it! Just an idea.

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I hear the 8/1 is pretty good too, and probably sufficient enough, but Fleet Farm didn't have it when I was there, ofcourse i was in a hurry that day so I just grabbed the trilene , 4#.

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