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need some walleye advice


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After living in CA for 14yrs, this is my 2nd winter back in MN. This year is the first year since I moved to CA I really want to get into the walleyes.
My Dad always looked for water 18-20'(when I was a kid). Ive been reading some people catching fish well beyond 20' up to 40'. If the fish are not biting, should I find the deep waters?

The lake Ive been fishing has a drop from 0 to 32', from shoreline out to 100'. Is this something I should try to fish? Ive never seen anybody fish this area accept in the summer.

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The base of drops, the tops and sides of bars, any irregular bottom structure for the most part will hold walleyes. Finding a transition in the bottom content is your best bet when finding the "spot on the spot". Rocks to mud at the base of a drop will be one of the best spots in a lake. You are looking in the right depths, but how clear is your lake? Does that steep drop you found have rocks/gravel etc?

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WOW, quick response.

the lake has a clarity of 8.3 to 10.6 the last 7 yrs, (according to DNR). Nov of 2001 is was up to 12.5'. The structure is weeds and dead wood. (logs, branches)
What makes the fish go to differt depths in the winter? What other things would affect behavior besides fishing pressure?

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Well said jparrucci. grin.gif
Once you find what they are feeding on then you start to see some walleyes and a occasional pike. For ex. like crappies, during the daytime they can be right next to the crappies picking out the small ones. They can be suspended 8' off bottom to right on the bottom.


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