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I see Toyota found the sand bags already.

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Strategic games by the Japs or do you think the preseason tests are showing what they got? I heard DJ was seen with some beach toys by his motor home??!! grin.gif

Test Speeds

Day 1 (AM)

Pos. No. Driver Make Time Speed

1. 96 Tony Raines Chevrolet 48.920 183.974

2. 48 Jimmie Johnson Chevrolet 48.948 183.869

3. 22 Dave Blaney Toyota 48.978 183.756

4. 26 Jamie McMurray Ford 48.992 183.703

5. 20 Mike McLaughlin Chevrolet 48.993 183.700

6. 66 Jeff Green Chevrolet 48.993 183.700

7. 88 Ricky Rudd Ford 49.057 183.460

8. 20 Mike McLaughlin Chevrolet 49.060 183.449

9. 16 Greg Biffle Ford 49.116 183.240

10. 8A Dale Earnhardt Jr. Chevrolet 49.128 183.195

11. 22 Dave Blaney Toyota 49.239 182.782

12. 25 Casey Mears Chevrolet 49.262 182.697

13. 60 Boris Said Ford 49.276 182.645

14. 44 Dale Jarrett Toyota 49.284 182.615

15. 88 Ricky Rudd Ford 49.336 182.423

16. 60 Boris Said Ford 49.340 182.408

17. 14 Sterling Marlin Chevrolet 49.342 182.400

18. 41 Reed Sorenson Dodge 49.392 182.216

19. 14 Sterling Marlin Chevrolet 49.397 182.197

20. 7A PJ Jones Ford 49.398 182.194

21. 96 Tony Raines Chevrolet 49.405 182.168

22. 16 Greg Biffle Ford 49.409 182.153

23. 8B Dale Earnhardt Jr. Chevrolet 49.410 182.149

24. 66 Jeff Green Chevrolet 49.419 182.116

25. 29 Kevin Harvick Chevrolet 49.420 182.113

26. 10 Scott Riggs Dodge 49.483 181.881

27. 13 Joe Nemechek Chevrolet 49.514 181.767

28. 43 Bobby Labonte Dodge 49.535 181.690

29. 26 Jamie McMurray Ford 49.536 181.686

30. 13 Joe Nemechek Chevrolet 49.544 181.657

31. 10 Scott Riggs Dodge 49.599 181.455

32. 1A Martin Truex Jr. Chevrolet 49.612 181.408

33. 1B Martin Truex Jr. Chevrolet 49.642 181.298

34. 83 Brian Vickers Toyota 49.688 181.130

35. 9A Kasey Kahne Dodge 49.701 181.083

36. 37 Bill Elliott Dodge 49.704 181.072

37. 41 Reed Sorenson Dodge 49.750 180.905

38. 33 Scott Wimmer Chevrolet 49.755 180.886

39. 7 PJ Jones Ford 49.789 180.763

40. 43 Bobby Labonte Chevrolet 49.790 180.759

41. 83 Brian Vickers Toyota 49.808 180.694

42. 04 Eric McClure Chevrolet 49.846 180.556

43. 48 Jimmie Johnson Chevrolet 49.864 180.491

44. 25 Casey Mears Chevrolet 49.882 180.426

45. 44 Dale Jarrett Toyota 49.887 180.408

46. 29 Kevin Harvick Chevrolet 50.033 179.881

47. 9B Kasey Kahne Dodge 50.253 179.094

Test Speeds

Day 2 (AM)

Pos. No. Driver Make Time Speed

1. 26 Jamie McMurray Ford 48.889 184.090

2. 20 Mike McLaughlin Chevrolet 48.918 183.981

3. 48 Jimmie Johnson Chevrolet 48.933 183.925

4. 88 Ricky Rudd Ford 48.947 183.872

5. 96 Tony Raines Chevrolet 48.965 183.805

6. 8B Dale Earnhardt Jr. Chevrolet 48.966 183.801

7. 13 Joe Nemechek Chevrolet 49.044 183.509

8. 25 Casey Mears Chevrolet 49.049 183.490

9. 20 Mike McLaughlin Chevrolet 49.062 183.441

10. 60 Boris Said Ford 49.071 183.408

11. 16 Greg Biffle Ford 49.077 183.385

12. 16 Greg Biffle Ford 49.082 183.367

13. 41 Reed Sorenson Dodge 49.095 183.318

14. 44 Dale Jarrett Toyota 49.101 183.296

15. 66 Jeff Green Chevrolet 49.112 183.255

16. 37 Bill Elliott Dodge 49.112 183.255

17. 8A Dale Earnhardt Jr. Chevrolet 49.143 183.139

18. 14 Sterling Marlin Chevrolet 49.144 183.135

19. 1A Martin Truex Jr. Chevrolet 49.180 183.001

20. 29 Kevin Harvick Chevrolet 49.195 182.945

21. 22 Dave Blaney Toyota 49.215 182.871

22. 10 Scott Riggs Dodge 49.232 182.808

23. 22 Dave Blaney Toyota 49.237 182.789

24. 14 Sterling Marlin Chevrolet 49.242 182.771

25. 43 Bobby Labonte Dodge 49.242 182.771

26. 13 Joe Nemechek Chevrolet 49.255 182.723

27. 96 Tony Raines Chevrolet 49.297 182.567

28. 66 Jeff Green Chevrolet 49.305 182.537

29. 26 Jamie McMurray Ford 49.310 182.519

30. 10 Scott Riggs Dodge 49.313 182.508

31. 33 Scott Wimmer Chevrolet 49.340 182.408

32. 1B Martin Truex Jr. Chevrolet 49.407 182.160

33. 9A Kasey Kahne Dodge 49.432 182.068

34. 43 Bobby Labonte Chevrolet 49.450 182.002

35. 7 P.J. Jones Ford 49.478 181.899

36. 7A P.J. Jones Ford 49.542 181.664

37. 83 Brian Vickers Toyota 49.551 181.631

38. 44 Dale Jarrett Toyota 49.595 181.470

39. 27 Kirk Shelmerdine Chevrolet 49.605 181.433

40. 25 Casey Mears Chevrolet 49.653 181.258

41. 41 Reed Sorenson Dodge 49.741 180.937

42. 04 Eric McClure Chevrolet 49.751 180.901

43. 33 Scott Wimmer Chevrolet 49.752 180.897

44. 48 Jimmie Johnson Chevrolet 49.925 180.270

45. 04 Eric McClure Chevrolet 49.931 180.249

46. 29 Kevin Harvick Chevrolet 49.932 180.245

47. 9B Kasey Kahne Dodge 50.162 179.419

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Harv I think this is odd even testing isn't it? Based upon last year's results. These are the 1,3,5,7,9 11 etc. finishers and next week the 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 etc. come down.

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I was wondering if Toyota was going to be either the fastest or the slowest. Looks like slowest. Maybe it's that .5 inch plate they have to make them look bad so they can get some more rules changed in their favor.

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I was wondering if Toyota was going to be either the fastest or the slowest. Looks like slowest. Maybe it's that .5 inch plate they have to make them look bad so they can get some more rules changed in their favor.

Oh, here we go! This should be an interesting season!!!

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Only if they are competitive, especially at first. I think if they "earn" their way in and have a few dissapointing years first then the chances of being accepted will be much greater than if they start to whip the "American manufacturers" right away. They will probably have a great racecar but their driver lineup really sucks.

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It's not only the drivers, but the crew chiefs too. Not sure what crew chiefs they got in the Toyota stable, but I gotta believe they'll have something to do with the successes or failures of Toyota.

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They did have Carter and Borland, but Cater was stole back by Roush. Borland has to be considered one of the top 10 Chiefs in the business......at least he can make a car run fast for a lap or two.......as shown in the number of poles Newman won over the years.

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I don't think you can determine much from these tests but I still think that Toyota will have a good year.

Vickers or Jarrett will make the Chase. shocked.gif

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Oh, here we go! This should be an interesting season!!!

Funny airjer! Jeez, these guys are getting their 5 point harnesses in a bind already, it's not like Toyota came in and dominated the truck class.....oh wait, oops. grin.gifcool.gif

Just razzin ya guys!

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • In about 8 hours, my friend, my son, and I will be headed to southwestern Montana chasing elk and mule deer for the rest of the month.  It's my 15 yr old first hunt out west.  To say we are jacked is an understatement!!  We went up to our friends house on Sunday and loaded all our equipment in the trailer we are bringing out.  The last 3 days have slowed way down, trying to get everything at worked wrapped up, my son getting all his homework together and rehashing our plans over and over. Did we forget anything, do we need anything new? We went out last year as rookies and had unbelievable success, yes we are rifle hunting- but for 5 rookies to go 4 for 5 on elk with one very nice 6x6 being taken all on public land with no guides our pride and confidence was running high all year.  The scenery and hanging out with a great group of people by far exceeded the success we had.  This year we plan on learning much more about the area- I will say the locals in our area were so helpful.  Giving us tips, and areas to check out definitely put us ahead of our experience.  I have been looking over maps for the last month, but with some fires in the area earlier this year- we wont have a good idea of exactly where we will start until our first scouting session tomorrow afternoon. I ran into a sow and cub grizzly last year on opening morning and then had a brief encounter with a big boar a few days later. With all of the maulings and sightings being reported this year- Bears have been on my mind all fall.  I've talked repeatedly about this with my son and what we will do if any encounter would happen.  Hopefully if we see any, it will be at a great distance and we can sit back and admire those beautiful beasts of the mountain. Success is judged in many different ways to each of us, knowing I get to spend 14 days with my son in the mountains, I believe we already succeeded this trip, and the rest of it will just be gravy on top. He worked his tail off this summer saving money for the trip and keeping his grades to talk and As all fall.  We made a deal with him that he needs to be invested in both school and work to be able to go.  He's definitely learned over the last few months the value of hard work. He was so proud of himself saving his money being able to buy anything he wanted for the trip. He asked me last night how much money he needed to bring. I told him your done spending your money and he said- Dad I'm happy to chip in, you do everything for me. I can help out where need be.  Can you guess how that made me react?  7 1/2 hours to go! Montana 2018- Here we come!  
    • you tell em moose!    I hardly ever use the zoom on my 18 but I do use the low power once in a while. 
    • I think Parise has been great this year, like his old self,  one of the few bright spots during a slow start. Liking Greenway more and more, he isn't producing yet but he looked good last night, really starting to use his size out there. Need to see more out of Coyle and Nino. 
    • I still run my fl8 that I bought in 1996. I don’t need zoom and I have watched many friends with the new fancy locators not see fish under the ice. Not me I catch em. No stinking updates for my fl 8 and my fl 8 has fallen down the stairs more times then me. It still runs I had new brushes put in after I fell on it and smashed the casing. O yeah i fished all day with the smashed casing let’s see the new units do that. It’s fixedand runs perfect. Never notice the noise you guys are talking about as I am to busy catching fish!
    • Does that come with ear plugs to drown out all the noise?
    • Since there isn't a lot of covering ground I just don't need the last 30 seconds on a graph or a GPS map to know I've been sitting in the same spot for the last hour.  My phone is always on me when I need to move and I run navionics.  Half the year I'm in my truck when I'm on the move anyway.  If I'm on a dogsled in the bwca I have a handheld.   I'll stick to the flasher.   I upgraded to a bigger screen with the bird, but I just dont need a ton of features that really only make sense on a moving boat.   Just my two cents.
    • Graphs are nice for fishing in a boat for sure.  They show you the nice big history picture of what has already gone by and gives you a good view of what the changing bottom depths look like as you float around.  Really though, when your fishing in a little hole over the same bottom for an hour or all day. What’s the point?  The important part of a graph for ice fishing is that ¼” or so of edge on the far right and what is happening on it real time.  Which then, is just like a Flasher only giving you real time info and why I went back to one from my graph.   Worley Worley!  😉  
    • Good luck on your hunt, let us know how you do!