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Electrical lighting question

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I'm hoping someone can answer this for me. I'm not the greatest with electrical stuff, so need some help. I have my led lights (one tupe and 2 1157's ready to go into my portable. I have the switches, connectors, etc. to hook them up. A couple questions came up: I orignally was going to use coiled phone cords as suggested elsewhere on this forum, cheap, and easy to wrap around poles, etc. I don't know if there's different quality of those, but the one I picked up at fleet farm is hard to work with, the copper wires are miniscule, have to be smaller than 22 gauge. I don't know how I can strip them, and there's no way to use a quick connect spade type thing for them.

Question 2, I just got done hooking up a home theater system and have a whole bunch of speaker wire laying around. It's 16 guage, heavy vinyl cover on it, can I use that?

Thanks much in advance,


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i would go buy some car wiring you can get it at any auto store, you cna get red and black so its all color coded and you lessen the chance of wiring them wrong

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Copper wire is copper wire and it has no idea of what it is being used for. I can't say the same for the insulation on that copper wire. With the minimal current draw that you would have you would be ok with using the speaker wire, and being a 12V DC the chances of things going terribly wrong are pretty slim. Fuse it at the battery and things will be just fine.

Now if you want to use a coiled cord for your portable (very good idea) you have two options and a phone cord isn't one of them. Go to Fleet Farm and pick up a cigar lighter extention, it's coiled and around 16ga. You can also go to Northern Tool and pick up a coiled 120V extention cord that is pretty heavy duty and 12ga wire.

Hope that helps.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Hello from the NW Angle!   Minnesota snowmobile trail conditions are in good shape. The Baudette trail is great north of Knight Island. Walleye action heats up in periods of stable weather. The best catching is happening in 21-25ft, with the most productive method being a dead-stick beside an actively jigged rattle bait such as a buckshot or rippin’ rap. Glow white/pink is out producing other colors. The late ice bite can be phenomenal on Lake of the Woods, ice permitting we will have houses out through the end of the month!   Canadian fishing is recommended via snowmobile as they are light enough not to drop into the slush as easy as other track vehicles. Crappies are still filling buckets and walleye are actively feeding on reef break lines and points. Walleye season is open through April 14th.    Sunset Lodge
    • Stuff is getting hard to find so best load up on ammo I'd you find it.  Many have rebates going now so that helps some.   I haven't shot the new Feferal TSS shot yet but guys that have report excellent patterns and downrange energy.  Luke Don mentioned 45 yards is doable depending on your gun's pattern.  Two springs ago my dad dumped a big Tom at 54 yards, (misjudged the yardage and bird was working away) with the federal heavyweight in 6 shot with his 20 gauge.  I'm not advocating for shooting those distances, but it's a testmate to how far this ammo has come. 
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