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Corey Bohn

2007 Lake Minnewaska Fall Walleye Classic---$6,000 1st place guaranteed!

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We are now starting to accept team registrations for the 2007 Lake Minnewaska Fall Walleye Classic to be held on Sept. 15-16, 2007, in Glenwood, MN. The first place payout of $6,000 will again be guaranteed with the field limited to 75 teams. Cash payouts to the top 15 teams are as follows: 1st place--$6,0000 (guaranteed); 2nd place-$3,000; 3rd place--$2,000; 4th place--$1,500; 5th place--$1,350; 6th place--$1,200; 7th place--$1,000; 8th place--$700; 9th place--$600; 10th place--$500; 11th through 15th place--$350; 16th through 23rd place--prize payouts consisting of new fishing related products valued between $150 to $250. Again, the first place payout of $6,000 is guaranteed with 2nd through 15th place based on a full 75 team field. As with past years, there will be 3 divisions within the tournament. Teams will be automatically placed in the divisions (based on partner status) at no additional cost and will have a chance to fish for an additional $450 cash payout. Divisions within the tournament are as follows: 1)Father/Son or Daughter Division; 2)Husband/Wife or Boyfriend/Girlfriend Divsion; 3)Senior Division (both anglers age 55 or over). **Divisional teams are eligible to win the overall cash and prize payouts listed above and fish only against other teams within their division for the chance to win the additional $450 as a division winner. Multiple winners are possible, for example, a Father/Son team won the overall tournament in 2005 and took home the first place check plus, the Father/Son Division check, and a biggest walleye for Day 1 check. **Optional Big Fish Pot: $20 (optional). If all 75 teams enter the Big Fish Pot the total Big Fish Purse is worth $1,500. Half the pot is awarded to the biggest walleye on Day 1, with the other half of the pot awarded to the biggest walleye on Day 2. Only teams who pay the additional $20 are eligible for the biggest walleye pot (100% payback). There will be a special "Shoot-Out" tournament within the overall tournament for the first 20 teams who register. Five team #'s will be drawn from a hat and fish against eachother with the team with the heaviest two-day weight winning a great prize. There will be (4) groups of five teams with four winners total. All teams in the Shoot-Outs are eligible to win the overall cash and prize payouts. We also are offering incentives for teams who get new teams to enter the tournament this year as well through our Team Rewards Program. For each new team you bring with you this year, your team # will go into a hat with 3 winners selected from the hat. Winners will receive 2 nights free lodging at the Comfort Inn in Devils Lake, ND, or at Wigwam Resort at Lake of the Woods, or the Cedar Inn in Starbuck, MN, for fishing on Lake Minnewaska. Entry fee is $350 per team. For more information and to register, email: [email protected] or call 320-424-1382. For information on last year's tournament results, click back to the tournament page and scroll down the page to the heading titled "Hanson/Wall win title at Lake Minnewaska Fall Walleye Classic".

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Can you tell me the channel, date and time that the 2006 tourney is suppose to be broadcast? Thanks.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Early morning bucks playing around in the back yard.
    • Nice!  Congrats to you guys!
    • Well Day 2 was a complete bust. Warm temps and high winds along with a full moon kept any daytime movement to a minimum at best. Onto the next.   Day 3 we got plenty of rest the night before and we’re ready to hit hard. We started off on the bluff where Cole had got his cow and before we could even sit down we had 3 cows at 600 yards heading at us. We lost sight around 500 and figured they would move right up the draw around 200 yards away. They didn’t follow our plan and disappeared forever. Around 10am we had some animals above us. We could hear hooves on the bluffs but never saw them. We had lunch around noon and then started still hunt ridge to ridge. Around 130pm we were on a sharp drop of when son says ELK! We immediately hit the ground as they were only 100 yards almost straight below us on steep bluff. We belly crawled to the edge and looked into the timber. We could then only see one standing looking straight away from into the wind. I slide my rifle up in front of me and placed the cross hairs behind the shoulder. My first opportunity at a Bull ever. Cole had him in the binos when I pulled the trigger. Not needed. He dropped right in his tracks. Cole tackled me and both erupted in laughter. Both of us total rookies had filled our elk tags 3 days into the season. Not sure if we are good or just plain lucky but either way it’s been an unbelievable experience.  Now we had some serious work ahead of us.  We literally had to pack him out an almost straight up vertical cliff. I have one really bad knee...all those years of jumping out of airplanes in the military have taken a toll on my knees. We each grab a rear quarter and made the first trek out. When we got back I was hurting. Cole said sit down Dad. I got this!! He then hauled out both fronts and loins in one haul. Went back down for the head and did that too. As I sat and watched him I was overcome with emotion. How did I get so lucky in raising such a grateful and helpful young man!  He got back up to me and we both broke down in tears and hugged for about 15 mins. What an experience we’ve had. The effort and hard work you go through on these hunts is like nothing else. It’s been the best we could of asked for and then some. We took the morning off while my buddy went back out. We did some scouting this afternoon and think we found a herd for tomorrow to go after with him along with trying to fill our deer tags. More to come
    • Looks great. Whats with the tray of rabbit food there? 😅
    • Gold finches are still hanging on. All juveniles though. Actually had a red winged blackbird at my feeder yesterday. 
    • So, I guess the show has a new director, and she wasn’t a big fan of how the show would drag certain things on. That’s why she hung Gregory in the first episode. Apparently she’s the reason Rick will only have 2 more episodes left. She’s not even going to drag out his demise. I like it!
    • Last batch of the season. I picked the rest of the unripe jalapenos for poppers. It sure was a great year for the garden. Just have some carrots and beets left. 
    • Oh - so that's what happens when a pike hits the camera.  Neat.  Thanks for sharing.
    • Congrats and that sure is a beaut!