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is bass open during hard water??


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Yep, it's open as stated above. I've heard this myth several times however myself, and I'd attribute it towards the misconception that bass can't be caught in the winter, or that they don't eat during the hard water period.

This simply isn't so! Esp. early ice when many of the weeds are still green and O2 levels haven't depleted too far, I target bass thru the ice. We catch them on livebait tip up rigs, as they're still quite lethargic. It might take some searching, as a recent foray found them up in the weeds in 4-5 FOW. They'll slide out to main lake basins as the season goes on, and become much more difficult to catch.

Good luck; it's legal, and can be done!


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Crumpler is right. I fish Minnewaska, a well know smally lake. In the spot I have been for the past 4 days we have caught 1 - 18.5", 2 17+", 3 15-16 ", and a couple 12-13". Lots of fun but some locals would have kept them all. Fun to see them come thru on the camera.

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My guess is because smallies congregate in large schools in predictable winter-time spots, and are easily targeted and potentially decimated by unscrupulous anglers.

That's exactly what Al Linder said on his TV show last year.

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