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  1. I love you Dad!  Bobby bass aka Danny Sauter. My dad loved writing his stories on here from the lodge of lakeiwanttobethere. Unfortunately my day lost his Battle with cancer on August 10th 2018. I would like to thank everyone who ever gave him a thumbs up or a like. It was you guys that gave him the motivation to keep on writing. I'm going to miss his stories. My dad was a good guy and we always had fun out on the lake fishing for that next great bass.  



  2. MINUS FOUR IN the Puddle Humper and we are back in the deep freeze again. Forecast calls for minus twenty tonight and I am out of oil! Some of my jobs around the cabin can no longer be done by me and keeping track of the oil in the fuel tank has been an epic fail on the wife. Her idea of how long oil should last with minus twenty degree weather is not what reality is. Good thing we have electric back up and Chuck dumped the load of fire wood at the back door.   Going through a lot of wood at the Lodge and the sign is up to carry a chunk or two in when you come in. Both fireplaces are
  3. 21 HERE AT the cabin on Hidden Bay this evening. Just back from Shanty Town and what a difference a week can make. Last week a call to Vic at the Resort had him telling me he was sitting in the big back leather chair in front of the pot belly stove filled with Hot Wood. He had the electric blanket wrapped around him and was still shivered from time to time. It might be because the thermometer was telling him it was forty-four below out, the coldest he can remember the old resort ever being but he was sure it had gotten colder when he was younger but he was an old man now and it was cold enough
  4. A BALMY NINE above zero here today with some snow flurries but no sunshine. My son in law called me and said he just had to work a half day and if I wanted to set up the shanty. A look at the warm weather and I told him to pick me up. We stopped at the Lodge to pick up our participation package for the Ice House Fling. We won or I should say the shanty won ten cans of grubs and a dozen minnows a week from the Masterbaiters Bait Shop. Five loose meat sandwiches from Amy’s Bakery and ten thermos refills of coffee or cocoa from the Dew Drop Inn. While we were there at the Lodge we put our contact
  5. ONE ABOVE IN the Puddle Humper which might be the warm mark for the day. News Years morning I woke up to minus twenty and I don’t care where you are that is cold. Gus and I had a talk about if we were going to cancel the Lodge dinner because of parking for Lodge members and guests. Normally we would park our excess cars in the public access as the Lodge’s parking lot and along the roadside but that will fill quickly when we have this many members and guests show up. But that is a long walk coming up from the access for someone in these kind of temperatures Frank the plow driver had the holiday
  6. MINUS 7 IN the Puddle Humper, I just got home from the Lodge where I watched a win by the home hockey team and enjoyed rib night. Some lights on in shanty town as it actually got above zero today and some of the guys went out on the ice to drop a line and set up their houses the way they want. Shortly after dark their was a light show as Nytelyters Shanty exploded in color. He had a mis fire on his launch but he thought he fixed it tonight except all of his fireworks and roman candles went off at the same time. I am sure that everyone on this side of the lake saw it and I know a few of the you
  7. Yes I have been looking all places you are talking about I am not in the mpls arera but much farther north. I am looking more for a companion for my cholate Duncan as he will be turning 7 here soon. I do have a line on amother chocolate in a litter that is a couple of weeks old. The point of my post was not about me getting a pup but the young families who can not afford these 1000.00 dogs. Been a long time since I have seen someone with a 100.00 pup for sale.
  8. My daughter is looking for a pup and I to have been casually looking for a companion for Duncan who will be seven here in just a few months. What I have found is that there are no such thing as a cheap pet any more. Dogs can be purchased at the dog shelter for 280.00 these are of course dogs that are spaded or neutered and are an unknown mix or breed, just a best guess. Nothing wrong with the dogs as my daughter did have a rescued dog from the pound and he was an excellent pet. The city here has done such a fine job of making it hard for someone to raise a litter of pups with all the fees
  9. BABY IT’S COLD Outside, the old Dean Martin song is playing on the outside speakers at the rink below the Lodge this afternoon. Kids are on vacation but you could not tell as there is no movement that I can see from my vantage point here at the Lodge. A few ice shanties have smoke curling out of their chimney pipes but those are the big old shanties doing that. There may or may not be fishermen in the modern houses with their state of the art heaters. Ice is not thick enough for trucks yet so anyone out there had to bundle up and walk out. My neighbor Chuck had to go to the big city today so h
  10. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO All from us here at Lake Iwanttobethere. What should be a busy day here is not and I have a chance to catch up on the doings here. Minus 7 here in the Puddle Humper at three in the afternoon. I don’t think I have ever written that before. I just let Duncan out to do his business and he was at the back door in about two minutes trying to keep his paws off the deck. I let him in and at his best speed he made it to the fireplace, laid down on his side and stuck his paws towards the heat. I rolled over and did my best to give his paws a massage and told him he needed to be quick
  11. yup, that he is. Many a time we finish each other sentences and don't even have to talk around the wives.. KILLING TIME HERE in the den at the cabin. I have a bag of cherry lifesavers close to hand and a half empty glass of pop along with a empty plate that held Christmas cookies earlier. I was banned from the kitchen before noon today. The wife is in full bakin and cookie mode. Family should be here soon as we are having dinner and gift opening tonight. Wife is baking cookies to fill her tins and send home with the kids along with brownies and her fudge. Along with this she is making sup
  12. WELL, PAST DARK here at Hidden Bay as I write this I just had a slice of the wife's Banana Cream Pie and it sure hit the spot. Outside the den window it is snowing and has been since supper time. Sunshine Ray is forecasting four inches of the white stuff and I think he will come up short, it is coming down pretty good. I have been meaning to write but my hands have been bothering me the past few days. After the snow falls the temperature is going to do the same. Right now it is only fourteen in the Puddle Humper and by Christmas day the word is it may not reach zero for the daytime high. Tahoe
  13. 21 IN THE Boat here at Hidden Bay but 30 in the green house. I have added a sensor out there to keep track this winter. When it gets warm in there I can move that heated free air into my cabin but it has been weeks since the sun has shined enough to make it worth turning on the blowers. Lake Iwanttobethere gives us long falls, early springs and decent summers. However in the winter she can be nasty. Yesterday we had a few flakes of snow and by noon we had six inches of snow, by two in the afternoon when I needed to go to town we had nine inches of med heavy snow on the ground which is to much
  14. adding a cheap bass cannon would help for sure. make sure you connect your wires correctly plus to plus from speaker to stereo, usually the copper colored wire or the wire that has a white strip on it is used for the positive, this helps you so you do correctly connect the speaker to the amp or radio. Right to right left out to left. Check balance setting on radio, check treb and bass setting start off at 50% and raise your bass setting while lowering your treb setting. I like a lot of bass so I am usually at 80% bass and 50% treb. Check to make sure you don't have cracked covers on your speak
  15. Well kind of back to guns, I have been looking to buy a .22 pellet rife for the varmint's around here. a gun but not the kind you guys are talking about I think.
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