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  1. I had to get a new remote for the mo pod, the other one is swimming with the fish. I received a new one, they said there was going to be instructions on how to pair the remote with the mo pod. There wasn't any, does anyone know how to do this? couldn't find anything on their site and they are closed until Tuesday.
  2. Could a guy get by with a 1/4 inch line to run a forced air furnace and a oven? Or use a 3/8 size. The house now has a 1/4 inch line. Not sure if that would be enough. Thanks for the input!
  3. Does anyone have the link for the dnr site that shows the results? I can't find it yet. Sure seems earlyß
  4. Texas rig is the way to go. I ended up making my own by melting down tire weights and using a mold. You can throw your decoys out real fast and you don't have to get your hands wet when you pick up.
  5. He ended up buying a tenpoint titian extreme crossbow with the accudraw with the crank. It is super easy to cock back. He tried the it with the accudraw 50, but that was too hard to cock back.. Very fun to shoot also. Got a pretty good deal on it.
  6. I finally talked my dad into applying for a cross bow permit because he cant pull a bow back due to numerous surgery's. Anyway, the permanent permit came in the mail the other day so now its time to go shopping. I have no idea what to look for in a crossbow. Any pointers or preferences?
  7. When I was driving by one of the sloughs that I usually duck hunt something caught my eye. I had to turn around and go back to make sure that I wasn’t seeing things. It was a goose with an all white/grayish body with a normal Canadian head. It was in the slough with five or six other geese. I took a picture with my phone. It’s not the best, but all I had with. Something you don’t see every day. Hopefully it sticks around for hunting season.
  8. I plan on doing some night time fishing. In the book it says, "All non-motorized watercraft, whether underway or at anchor, must at least carry a white lantern or flashlight. This light should be strong enough so that other boats around the horizon can see it at least two miles away. The light must be displayed in sufficient time to avoid a collision with another" So would my cap light pass? I was kind of surprised when I read this. I figured I would need a light on at all times.
  9. I mainly bass fish out of my kayak. This year, I plan on fishing some walleyes. What does everyone use for a landing net if one at all?
  10. Is it legal to be muzzleloading and bring a bow with? The reason why I ask is because I am in a lottery area and can only shoot a buck with my muzzleloader. I also have and archery tag that I can shoot a buck or a doe. I have been out in wildlife the last few evenings and have had doe right in front of me. With my luck I will bring my bow and have a buck come by out of range. Either way I plan on bringing my bow out tomorrow and tagging a doe. (Hopefully)
  11. Anybody have one? I was at the game fair last weekend and that was the first time I have seen them. They seemed decent for the price. I noticed Tom Knapp is now with them insted of benelli.
  12. I'll be heading down on Saturday. Any other fellow FMers going. Can usually find a few good deals.
  13. I am thinking about rigging up some lights for my kayak. Possibly running them off a Vexilar battery and hooked up to toggle switch. I’m sure someone else on here has done it. Any pics? Where did you get the lights? Thanks..
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