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  1. Up to mid line AMD actually offers better bang for the buck. Gamers like AMD as they throw all their money into high end GPUs and almost all games aren't multithreaded. If you're running Photoshop or Autocad all day buy Intel, probably an i7. Ditto if you're doing a lot of video or audio editing. If you're just web surfing and doing office productivity type things, just about any chip out there will be fast enough.
  2. Make sure you have enough power supply for the extra disks and GPU. More PCs are killed by bad power supplies than anything else (except maybe user error). Almost all builders scrimp on power supplies too, using as small a one as possible. When the PSU can't keep up voltages drop, current goes up and things fry.
  3. JollyT

    Edible Catfish ???

    I have no idea why you would worry about anything down stream from a nuclear power plant. The only thing they release is warm water. The coal plants are the ones that release the mercury up their smoke stacks which then falls along with the rain. The other chemicals that build up such as PCBs are generally manufacturing or combustion byproducts. Catfish store more of these things as they are bottom dwellers, but as long as you're eating the small ones you should be ok. They store more of these things in the dark belly meat and the side fat, so try to remove this when filleting. One thought, I rather eat fish in the downtown stretch, than in the river down stream of Pigs Eye where the waste water treatment plant is. I will say the plant is much better than years ago, though.
  4. James does a lot better when he's not being abused by his father, Jimmy.
  5. Personally, I love the idea of a road course. Getting a Sprint Cup or Nationwide race probably won't happen anyway as the established tracks are fighting over races now. It would be cool though. I just hope that if it does get built, it doesn't hurt Brainerd as the new owner up there seems to be working hard to improve the facilities.
  6. I think most of the problems people are having with water is due to the fact that alcohol is hygroscopic. In cars and trucks this doesn't matter much because all modern fuel systems are sealed. But, with boats and small engines there is air exchange through the vent holes. The alcohol pulls moisture out of the air until the alcohol cannot hold any more and separates out of the gas. Then you have a diluted alcohol water mix on the bottom of the tank. As I say, this doesn't happen with the sealed fuel systems in vehicles, just the old style vented systems.
  7. Alton Brown did a show on ribs in the oven. I bet you can find it. I know the recipe is on the networks site.
  8. Steve, what exactly are you trying to do? whole sky photos or actual astronomical photography? For the first you'll want an equatorial mount and a normal to wide lens. In the second case, you probably need to spring for a real scope and a mount for a Cannon body or a dedicated CCD head. There are guys who have imaged Pluto from their backyards! Granted they had about $10k invested in their scope and chilled chip camera, but this was the realm of large university telescopes even back in the '70s. Anyway, try that Ado rama place in NYC or there is a place in OK like Astronomy, but has ics on the end. I bought some eye pieces and parts from them back in the late '80s when I lived up north and had dark skies. I've still got a big old 8" newtonian with an electric equatorial mount that needs some TLC, that I should sell one of these days. Be warned, this is a whole new addiction.
  9. In the last month there has been an issue with PCs running XP, that are infected by the Alureon rootkit, blue screening after running Windows update and restarting. I'm not sure if this is your problem or not. Microsoft does have a fix.
  10. If you use Amazon to buy music rather than itunes they will be in .mp3 format and you will have non of the DRM issues of music from Apple. Then just make a playlist in WMP and upload it to the player.
  11. My thoughts, the manufacturer spent millions on wind tunnel testing for aerodynamics and then you bolt a 2 x 6 across the front of the hood. My experience with them is you get a little less road spray on the windshield and more road spray on the sides of the vehicle.
  12. I agree with you guys! I am a major military history fan. I hate all the prognostications of doom shows. The other ones I hate are the UFO, supernatural, and over the top conspiracy shows. A lot of their newer shows are all flash and no substance. There is way too much build up of suspense and too much added artificial melodrama.
  13. Salt water seafood allergies are generally caused by the iodine present in salt water and therefore the life that lives in it. I would guess fresh water allergies would be protein or fat related.
  14. You might want to stay away from Sony as most of their cameras use Sony's "memory stick" memory which no one else uses. I like their cameras, but hate the proprietary memory.
  15. get a cheap ethernet cable and take the laptop down, plug it in and configure it. When you've got it set up. Unplug and you should be good to go.
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