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Can I use a LX3 right next to my old FL8?


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I've been staying "old school" with my 12 year old FL-8 on a blue box. Last season I borrowed a FL-18 and ran it along side the FL-8. I was able to work out the interference in shallow water, but in deeper than 20 feet it was hard to eliminate it on either unit. So I have a few questions:

1. Can I run my FL-8 along side a LX3 without interference probs in deep water?

2. Can a person run 2 or multiple LX3's next to each other without interference problems?

I know there have been a lot of dicussions on LX3's and FL18's. I'm just looking for feedback and experience on running multiple units in close proximity.

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Last year I ran my LX3 in the same house as both the FL8 and 18 and never had interference problems. Both Vex's did have some issues with interference. That is what sold me on the LX3 in the first place.

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I've run LX3s, FL-18s and an FL-8s. I've run them in a lot of differant combinations shallow and deep. While you cannot eliminate all the intereference in every situation, the LX3 has at least been readable in every situation.

The FL-18 and FL-8 can be run next to each other with only minor interefernce in most situations if you adjust the settings including deep water. I believe they need to power up the FL18 and FL8 to compete regardless of claims to the contrary.

The LX3 seems better at fighting off interference from other locators.

The FL18 and FL8 work fine if you adjust them and move them apart enough. If you are tight enough together to receive interference, often you can both use one locator set between you.

This is only an opinion based on my experiance. I have no scientific measure to base these observations on.

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Sounds like you have an old FL8 and not the SLT with IR (interference reduction). With that unit you'll get interference with 1 more sounders around you. Only option is to move away. Depth and bottom content determines how far you have to get away. I've been there myself with a Vex, say your in your permanent shack and a group of fisherman setup close to you. One guy turns his flasher on, you hit your Vex's IR a couple times and all is fine. Now another guy turns his on. You hit you IR again and just when you get your Vex some what usable the first guy has to hit his IR and now the fun begins. You won't have to do that with a MarCum, it handles interference from multiple flashers of any brand. I'm just telling you my experiences.

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Another option is to use a duel beam transducer on the older FL-8. This has many advantages and one is limiting the overlap of near bye electronics.

What you will gain is the ability to switch to a narrow beam in deeper water and limit overlapping of signals. You also gain a more focused signal and better target definition in deeper water. This is also handy on rapidly changing contours and close horizontal structure as you eliminate dead zones produced in the signal. If you wish to learn more on this effect I recommend you read up on the Vex web site as they have a bunch of good tips on troubleshooting electronics on the ice.

Without the aid of the IR feature on the original FL-8 your really limited to this duel beam upgrade option to solve deep water signal degradation, and/or peripheral signal pollution. Other then that spreading out from the other units would be your only other working option to limit this effect.

The Fl-8 SLT addressed a lot of these problems with it's upgrades and the new FL-8 SE coupled the new display and the IR of the SLT. The big advantage of bumping up to the FL-18 is the BL (Bottom Lock) and the zoom features with the IR. All are good units, all cover a range of needs for the ice and open water angler.

If you plan to keep that older FL-8 unit you might consider adding the Dual Beam. That will add a few benefits and hopefully make your life on the ice a bit easier. They are still great units, but they are limited in their original configuration when compared to the new whistles and bells on the newer models.

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