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  1. Last year I ran my LX3 in the same house as both the FL8 and 18 and never had interference problems. Both Vex's did have some issues with interference. That is what sold me on the LX3 in the first place.
  2. Woody1

    Poll On New Forum

    I like the new setup but like all new things, it will take getting used to. I would bet if you took another poll in a couple of weeks the ratings would be even more positive once folks get used to it. This is an excellent forum no matter what the format.
  3. I use the Xantrex 400Plus powerpac unit. It wlll operate a fluorescent light for up to 10 hours and can also plug into the cig lighter to recharge. It's about the size of a breadbox and weighs 23 lbs. I also have another unit that I scooped up at a Target on clearance for $15. It also is a powerpac but much smaller(about the size of a paperback) and lighter (7lbs.) It will go 7-8 hours at a pop. That one is made by Vector. I'm not sure if the latter is still on the market, but Sears has the Xantrex 400Plus.
  4. I wouldn't recommend putting anything on the top of a popup. Not bikes, baggage or certainly not an ATV. When I was shopping around for one a few years ago, the one thing I did learn is that they are made with efficiency in mind and not versatility. They are what they are, a camper. Mine has served it's purpose well, as long as I use it as intended. Good Luck.
  5. Woody1

    Marcum , FL--18

    Sorry about the last post, I meant to say MarCum LX3 not FL-18, (too many letters, not enough brains).
  6. Woody1

    Marcum , FL--18

    I had the same problem with the FL-18 two years in a row, both times Marcum customer service was excellent. The range knob kept falling off. The first time they sent me a new knob. The second time I got a new FL-18 with all the upgrades at no additional cost. They must have had other units with the same problem because this lastone had a different style of buttons. Haven't had a problem since. Tells me they stand behind their product.
  7. What is the address of the Gander Mtn in Fargo or what is it located next to.
  8. I'm building my 12 year old son an icehouse for X-MAS. The design of it is such that I can connnect it to my house and we can still fish together but have enough room for my 8 year old daughter to come along. Three people was too much last year. My questions are 1)Is this legal (if they are connected) and 2) Would I have to buy a shelter license for his house. Basically it will be a 4x4 addition to my house.
  9. Does anyone know if the ANGLE EYE JRS can be purchased on the retail market, Cabela's?, Gander Mtn?
  10. The portable I made seven year ago is still going strong. Cost was about $80. Most important to me is that I can stand up in it(6'6" height). It's a basic 4x8, slides into the box of my truck, and takes 5 min to set up. What I really like is that the tarp is very tight and doesn't flap in a wind.
  11. If your near a Cabela's you can pick up inexpensive items in their bargain cave or don't be afraid to try some rummage sales. You will be surprised what you can pick up for a couple of $. Good Luck!
  12. My vote goes to the LX-3. If you fish fairly close to others, the LX-3 will have less interference than the Vexilars, that is our experience.
  13. I have a Kawasaki 300 Bayou 4x4 and it does all I ask of it. I would recommend going with a 4x4 and not a 2x4. You won't regret having the extra push and pull ability.
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