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Phesants on Sat AM, Rain & Wind...

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Was hunting in west central MN private land (110+) managed for wildlife. It has 100's of planted trees (low growing evergreens, many berry varities, small nut varities, etc) in rows around the perimiter, 75% of the acerage is native grass mix, treeline in the center, and a big strip 7-8 acres (3 strips wide & 500yds long) in the center of sunflower & corn that never gets harvested except by the wildlife.

The rain & wind were oppressive crazy.gif . I pushed the corn/sunflower strip with my dog towards my 2 posters and kicked out 3doz+ birds on the inital push of which 1/3 or better were roosters. My posters were not good shots (but shot a lot wink.gif )and we only picked up 1 bird of the bunch. There was PLENTY of standing corn all around which most of the birds went into. We walked the fields after that and kicked up 8-9 birds, but they were all hens.

After the crops are picked, this place is a magnet for birds. We push the corn and they all land in the fields on the property.

PJ, waiting for the corn to be picked.

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That sounds like a great set-up you've got there. Should be great when the corn is down and you give your posters shooting lessons.lol. I hunted south of Belle Plain last Thursday on public land. Lots of corn around. My lab got birdy three or four times but ended up running into the corn every time. Bummer.

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