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Regent/Mott ND Fiasco

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Last week my boys, my brother, his son, and myself spent several days in North Dakota in the Mott/Regent area. Lots of birds in the area. We would see up to 1000 birds a day. The difficulty is that there is limited cover and private land is scarce unless you pay 50 to 100 dollars a day per gun. We had private land to hunt on, had some success but birds were still skidish.
On the last night of our trip we saw some guys from Minnesota in a red pick up truck road hunting. They had a young fella in the back of the pick up truck wearing blaze orange shooting at roosters into posted-private land(which they did not have permission to hunt in) 10 minutes after sunset. As we drove by them, the shooter and the driver of the pick up truck smiled at us, like it was no big deal that they were breaking at least three laws.
It was a real teachable moment for me and my sons. I told my boys that these guys had some real issues and that these are the type of hunters that give us all a bad name. No wonder the local North Dakotans do not want us around.
Hunting at times is getting more and more frustrating and hunters or shall I say morons like this just complicate the matter.

LOW Lover

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LOW Lover,
Did you call the CO? We (as responsible hunters) really need to step up when we see that stuff. I, also, was out in that area last weekend and saw some questionable behaviors (although nothing that blatant). It is hard to do, but we really need to police our own or it will only get worse.

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