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left hand retrieving Abu 7000's

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i have been shopping around for another flathead reel and i have been taking a long look at the 7000 series from Abu Garcia, the one problem i am running into is they make the 7000i in left and right handed reels but not the 7000 c3 or 7000 pro rocket. i have studied all three and come to realize the c3 and the pro rocket appear to be the same reel with a different paint job having all the same features and mechanics under the hood while the 7000i has two less bearings and it doesnt have the carbon fiber drag system as well. other then that its the exact same reel. my Question is performance and will the 7000i drag hold up as well as the other two and will casting be any different? looking for responses from people who have used these reels

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i have a couple 7000i's for a few yrs now. one of them is about 5yrs old and has performed flawlessly. i beat them up pretty good

ive caught everything that swims in MN, mainly big flats and sturggies. i also use it for ski's when im throwing big blades

even some saltwater fish as well,,, tarpons, bull reds, snooks, 8' rays and 6.5' bullshark.

maintain them yearly and itll treat u well

only dwnside is i wish the clicker was louder like on the older 7000s. sumtimes not enough to wake me from a nap lol

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