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Big Bass Double Double


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Yesterday (Thurs) in the high wind I blew over a spot on Platte Lake that looked good and I went back an fished it this morning (Fri) in the calm weather. Sure enough there was a pod of bass in the area and I started catching fish that got progressively bigger. I got my two biggest on consecutive casts (1st double). They were both 18.25 inches and the 1st one was absolutely huge and weighed over 4lbs on my accurate Rapala spring scale. On the next cast I got her smaller (3.75lb) but still big bellied twin sister who had a fair sized bullhead tail in the gullet.

I decided to go back to the same spot in the evening because I missed a couple of fish and figured a really big one could be lurking around. I wasn't in the area long before a nice sized fish sucked in my topwater and I got it in. Guess What? it was sister #2 with the bullhead still stuck in the gullet, so I grabbed the pliars and removed the obstruction and fortunatly it did not hurt the fish.

About ten minutes later...(2nd Double)
You guessed it, the next fish I caught was sister #1, the overfilled football (If this fish makes it to 22 inches it will be a state record). I could not believe it, the exact same two fish twice in one day in reverse order from the 1st time. If only I could have got them on consecutive casts in the evening I would have had a triple double.

I can't recall ever catching the same bass twice on the same day (and on the exact same lure), though I have done that with pike and then I do it with two fish in a span of ten minutes.

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