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deep bass, II


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Again, I shall ask...any body catching deep water (15 or deeper) bass right now.
As I am sure others have been doing, I have adopted Big BassMan's "Slow Texas rig off Milfoil wall," but my success has been very limited. I fished twice in the last 4 nights, from 4 p.m. to sunset. Caught only one nice bass, otherwise skunked. **** Rookie hits a learning curve. (I may have to return to throwing spinner baits into the weeds.)

When I came off Tonka the other night, a guy said he several bass, including one around 5 #, while trolling for walleye. He said he caught them in more than 20 feet. I am assuming that unless he was really haugling but with super fat lipped crank baits, that those fish were suspended.

My question: Is this a "drop shot" situation...where we can put a worm down to, say 18 feet, in 25 feet of water?

Are bass prone to hugging the thermocline this time of year?

News and views are welcome. And no fighting this time, boys.


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The bass that walleye guy caught could have been suspended. You could try fishing deep diving cranks in 20 ft+ or slow rolling a 3/4 or 1 oz spinnerbait. You could definately catch fish using these baits if they are actively feeding.
Your best bet, however, would be sticking with the soft stuff. Carolina rigs, Texas rigs and jigs would be the best. A drop-shot would work also but typically you only want the weight no more than 2 feet or so from the hook, otherwise you have problems with tangling, casting, etc. A longer leader may be worth a try, but I don't think it's the answer.
Stick with it, you will start finding and catching those deep bass and when you do, you will get more confidence and become an even better deep water basser.
Good luck!

Adam Johnson

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