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deep water fishing


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Does anyone have success fishing deep coontail clumps(18-20 feet)? If so, what are your favorite patterns. One of the lakes i fish has coontail clumps in water up to 20 feet deep. I was just wondering if this can be a productive area. Any advice is appreciated.

Thanks for the help,

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simply put...yes! Those clumps are great big fish areas. Fish these areas with slow moving lures like worms, jigs, jigworms, etc. Keep your lure in or around the clumps and pretty much wait for the bass to find your bait. If you get hung in the weeds, gently twitch your bait and often a bass will remove it for you, or sometimes when it snaps free then they will hit it.
You have definately found a great big fish, deepwater spot. Keep on it and it will pay off.
Good luck! smile.gif

Adam Johnson

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KT, we meet again say adam has some key points about those clumps.

When I'm pulling plastics and run into something that feels differnt I stop my bait and just keep pressure on it. If nothing happens I work the bait a little faster until I hit the next weed or object, and do the same slow down.

There are certain clumps that will hold fish more than others. If you can find where the hard bottom transitions go to soft bottom areas you will have an excellent spot.

As a general rule of thumb always keep a Jig and Pig on the deck just becasuse one that is an excellent big fish bait. You do have to be more patient fishing deep with this particular bait, but the fish you put in the boat will be of quality. I prefer 1/2 to 5/8 oz jigs for fishing deep weeds because you will be able to keep that bottom contact more.

If it's a slower bite I drag my jig along the bottom. When there hitting good go with more of an aratic action snapping, and popping the jig off the bottom.

Keep a couple of rods on the deck tied with some plastics. Carolina Rigs, Texas Rigs ECT...

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