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Tip Up History Lesson - Any contribution appreciated.


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Hey guys, quick question for you all.

My buddy and I are in the market for some old Beaver Dam tip ups because from everything we have read and been told, the original Beaver Dams last forever.

But the history of the product is a bit confusing. I have read more than one thread and article that talks about the decline of the product after it was being produced by Uncle Josh bait company.

So, what is the story behind Beaver Dam? Is there a window of years that were great, while recently they have started to decline?

Are they really the cadillac of tip ups anymore?

I realize this is an odd question, but there is a bit of nostalgia about ice fishing with some traditional/ old shchool tip ups. Reminds me of Grandpa.

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There are a lot of people that live and die by Beaver Dam on here. They are an enclosed lubricated tube that water can get into as easily as any tube style tip up. You can buy 4 HT's or Polar's for the same price. They all need to be taken care of to work in extreme cold. Even the cheapest ones work when it's nice out.

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Is there any difference between the Beaver Dam tip ups with a nut on the bottom or soldering? Is one better than the other?

Found guy who is willing to sell a hand full. Just want to make sure I am buying the ones that will be around long enough to pass along to the next generation.

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My 1 and only remaining Beaver Dam was bought in 1991, and it is doing just fine. Just replaced the flag, for the first time.

My dad and I had a few, back growing up in the early 80s. Up until about 10 years ago, I still had one of the older Green colored units.

They are obviously nice, but I would never spend the money on a new one. If you are going to spend that kind of money, you should check out some of stuff they use on the East Coast; namely Indian Hill Traps.

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I have yet to buy a uncle josh beaver dam. I have over 30 arctic fisherman dams between myself and my father. People tend to sell them cheap at rummage sales. Knowing I can easily tune these up to be in practically brand new condition, I have some that are over 30yrs old and work flawlessly.

I admit, I have and do you use a few frabil thermals for walleyes if we are in frigid temps like this week, but otherwise it's Dams. I cannot fathom buying the new rounds for that kind of money. That's upsurd. I don't know if it's Uncle Josh or what but ever since 2011, their prices are redonkulus. You can't get a regular rail for under $40. I'll stick to my rummage sales. Believe I have enough for kids and probably their grandkids to use once I'm way gone.

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