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  1. Hey guys, I am just curious if anyone here has built a new house in the country. I am looking for basic cost estimates, obviously a really rough ballpark type figure. My wife and I are trying to decide if we can afford to build on a lot in Rice County, or if it just isn't even in our budget at all. I have worked in the construction field for a long time, so I would like to roof, side, tile, and finish the basement myself. Has anyone here acted as the general contractor on their own house build? Do these ballpark numbers sound reasonable for a starting point? We would be building a really simple rambler with about 1200 sq ft on the main level and an attached two car garage. Septic: 15,000 (mound system for sure, seems like that's all that the county allows now) Well: 10,000 (average wells around here seem to be 100-300' deep) Foundation: 8,000 (about 1,200 sq ft, block, lot has a slight slope to it) With the price of the property and the three main things mentioned above, I am wondering what the actual framing, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and permit fees would look like. We would be doing this on a budget, so nothing fancy, a basic forced air furnace and central air. Anything you have knowledge of I would appreciate, like the cost of a furnace install or the cost to wire an average sized house (not these new starter mansions). Obviously I understand these numbers are ballpark figures and I have to take them with a grain of salt, but I just want to know if it's worth trying to build our dream house now or if it's not even possible with our current financial situation. We have a good amount of equity in our current home that would be used to get this ball rolling (sell our house, live with a relative while this happens).
  2. I ordered a large foam mattress from one of those foam by mail places and I hate it. It was rather cheap, as I cut it up and got all my dinette cushions and a cushion for my bay window, but it is not comfortable at all. I went with a 4" foam and I think I chose one that maybe was a little two firm. My next house I build I am going to just use memory foam, as we already put that down on top of the cushions to make it comfortable. There is no comparison to memory foam IMO and I curse myself every time I make the dinette into a bed and have to dig out the memory foam.
  3. I went simple with my 8x16 Firebrand. I have a complete DC system and a complete AC system. The entire house functions off of DC, except for the 110v outlets. The TV, lights, radio, forced air furnace and ten 12v outlets all run off of batteries. I have two 6v golf cart batteries wired together for 12v, I can drop my house on Friday and lift it up on Sunday evening with the electric jacks and never have to worry about a generator, and if my wife is with the radio doesn't shut off all day and we run a fan all night for noise. I am on year 3 of the batteries and haven't run out of juice yet on a weekend trip. Literally the only thing I would need a generator for is if I wanted 110V outlets to run something, but I have yet to have a need for that. When I get home I plug the house in and an onboard charger recharges the batteries. I never really understood the need for a converter, but I like things simple. If we ever were going to go for more than 3 days I have another Interstate battery I could use, but have never had to use it yet as our trips have all been 3 day trips. It helps that I built my own house as I researched and found a forced air furnace with the least amount of amp draw, a 26" TV/DVD combo that is 12V, a car stereo and all LED lights. My new addition is a Raspberry Pi that has every Nintendo game known to man on it and a free video streaming service like Netflix, for when the fish aren't biting. Basically my setup is two 6V batteries from Fleet Farm ($100 each) and a $100 ProMar onboard charger. I have a 12 slot fuse block and my electric jacks have a separate breaker for each. It sure is nice not having to haul around a generator, but if I had to I could run one and plug in, the batteries would automatically recharge with the onboard charger and the AC system would be up and running. Someday I might get solar panels, as I think I could extend my ice time significantly. If I got two more 6V batteries I would be looking at 6+ days on the ice without a generator!
  4. Does anyone else miss the days when Clam was a leader in ice fishing equipment? At least I know now not to buy anything blue, as chances are it's dump.
  5. I never clear the snow before I drill with my Lazer and while it gets build up and gets heavier each hole I drill, it always drills the same as if I just took it out of my garage. Only a few times in bitter cold have I had to knock ice off of the blades out of the thousands of holes I have drilled with two different Lazer bits. If this is the case with all X models this is a huge flaw.
  6. The grates have rusted a little bit, but nothing major... they basically are a rust color and when I clean them I get a little rust dust coming off of them, but no damage yet. My guess is I will get at least 5 years out of them, maybe more. The little holes do get plugged, but I don't think it effects performance at all. About every other time I grill I scrape it with the included scraper thing and then brush it with a wire brush and they are way cleaner than they need to be, this takes about 3 minutes. One disadvantage is the "crud" doesn't fall through the grates, as the holes are too small, so I bring a paper plate out with me and scrape it onto that (some falls on my deck, which my dog takes care off). They are probably just slightly more maintenance than your traditional grill setup, but it wouldn't stop me from buying it again. I haven't taken my grates out and deeped cleaned/scraped them yet, but I should... I could see having to do that about once or twice a summer. I also got rid of my smoker, because I just put wood chips directly on the grates and it smokes like crazy. I haven't tried doing ribs or smoked fish, but I am sure they would turn out nearly as well as they did in my old smoker (especially if I only have one burner on).
  7. I bought one of the infrared Charbroils last spring after a ton of research, and I am glad I did. I will never go back to a regular grill again. Anything you cook on it comes out way juicier... yeah the cooking times are shorter, and that was a huge concern of mine, but after using it for a year it makes better food than a slow cooking traditional grill. If I really want to, I can leave the middle burner off and still slow roll something, but I have completely gotten away from doing that because with this grill it's just not necessary. The other nice thing is I have yet to have it flame up on me, EVER.... and I cook chicken hind quarters like it's my job (major grease!) It is a Charbroil, so there are some cons... my ignitor went out already (haven't called them yet) and my thermometers are either going out or out. The grates have held up really well, I don't give them the cleaning attention they deserve but I will one of these days. The rest of the grill is really well built and when I shine her up it still looks like the day I bought it.
  8. I almost got a sling box but the most current reviews talk of it being bombarded with ads and being extremely laggy to the point of people throwing it away. Not saying they are all bad, I am not an expert. but at least do a little research before you purchase so you don't get into a bad situation
  9. I think fishnowworknever is probably safe, almost all of my friends torrent things daily and no one has even gotten a letter or sued yet. Torrents have millions upon millions of users, that would be a lot of lawsuits. For example, look up how many times Game of Thrones has been downloaded...
  10. I like this plan! I just have a 26" DC TV/DVD combo that I run off my battery and a non-powered antenna. I can run it all weekend without a generator, and the sound is hooked up through my stereo system so it's good quality surround sound. I can get a few channels and that is good enough for me. Personally, the last thing I want when I am out on the lake with the family is to have the focus to be on the TV.
  11. I did the exact same thing, all of my light switches are standard 110v switches, as I wanted my house to have a solid "living room" type of feel to it. Used shallow boxes and I cut my foam out with a knife and slid the boxes in, worked great.
  12. I wouldn't pull my house if it didn't have brakes, I would for sure put them on... A 3500 lb house behind a pickup in the middle of winter without brakes is just asking for trouble
  13. blue_healer that might be true for people without an on-board charger, but I don't know many wheelhouse guys who don't have some sort of charging system on-board. Who hauls batteries back and forth these days?! I guess I haven't had to "exchange" my batteries yet... I have an on-board smart charger, so it's just a matter of plugging the house in (same thing you do with your generator). Being the 6v batteries are a true deep cycle, they should last quite a bit longer than most 12v "deep cycles" that aren't true deep cycles (different plate thickness?). So in theory, I will be changing my batteries less than most, maybe once every 7 years or so? Although I will have to replace 2 batteries instead of 1 (maybe twice in a decade).... that is still substantially less work than hauling a generator every time I want to fish
  14. So you think by Saturday morning the shorelines are going to be opened up?!?!?!
  15. Have some of you never ice fished before?! The ice doesn't melt away during the first 40 degree day of the year. Those temps will barely get rid of the 4-8" of snow we have, and it will have almost no effect on the ice for this weekend.
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