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  1. Hey Guys, Need a topper for a 2010 F150 6' bed. Where is the best place to buy a topper? What is the best brand/type/model to buy?
  2. Lane

    Ruger American

    Hey guys, Looking for some opinions on the Ruger American. I have been shopping for my first rifle for over a year now. I can't spend a small fortune, and want a rifle that is like the 870 Express of the shotgun world. Simple, reliable and going to be around for a long time to come. I really like the way the Ruger American feels and fits. Although I have had an uncle and two different sales guys try to upsell me. The American has gotten great reviews, especially from Field and Stream gun writer Dave Petzl. Any insights or opinions would be much appreciated.
  3. Ok, was hoping you guys could help settle a dispute that came up in the ice shack this weekend. In Minnesota, on a tip up/quick strike rig, you need just a couple beads for it to count as a lure instead of multiple lines, or do you need a spinner blade also? Bonus points. What are the regulations in Wisconsin? Do beads suffice, or do you need a spinner also? Thanks. PS. there is a case riding on the concensus.
  4. Is there any difference between the Beaver Dam tip ups with a nut on the bottom or soldering? Is one better than the other? Found guy who is willing to sell a hand full. Just want to make sure I am buying the ones that will be around long enough to pass along to the next generation.
  5. I think I am still a bit confused. What is the difference between Arctic Fisherman and Beaver Dam.....and where does Uncle Josh Bait Company come in?
  6. Hey guys, quick question for you all. My buddy and I are in the market for some old Beaver Dam tip ups because from everything we have read and been told, the original Beaver Dams last forever. But the history of the product is a bit confusing. I have read more than one thread and article that talks about the decline of the product after it was being produced by Uncle Josh bait company. So, what is the story behind Beaver Dam? Is there a window of years that were great, while recently they have started to decline? Are they really the cadillac of tip ups anymore? I realize this is an odd question, but there is a bit of nostalgia about ice fishing with some traditional/ old shchool tip ups. Reminds me of Grandpa.
  7. Hey guys. Last year I bought a 10' jon boat that needed a ton of work. I spent a ton of time getting the boat ready for hunting season; and feel as though the work was done well and it paid off. The steps I took were; -Sand down to the aluminum. -Clean, clean, and then cleaned again. -2 coats of primer. -Base coat of paint. -Quality patterning. Given how well the boat turned out I have a buddy who wants me to help him with his boat, and I am thinking of painting my 14' fishing boat for some bigger water hunting this fall. As a result I need to scale up my operation. Last year I spent over $150 buying individual cans of spray paint. I am thinking that it might be worth investing in a paint sprayer if I am going to work on 2-3 boats this summer. So, the 2 questions for you guys. - What is the best paint sprayer for painting duck boats? - What is the best paint to use on a duck boat?
  8. Hey guys. I was told I can/should use lead for turkeys. Can I use lead anywhere in MN for turkeys? I thought public land was offlimits for lead regardless of the time of year.
  9. Hey guys, New to the turkey game. I was able to bag one last year, but I am by no means fully vested in turkey knowlege. My father in law bought me a turkey choke for Xmas this year. (Cool gift!) Question is; the choke says "No Steel Shot." If I hunt public land in MN where I can't use lead...what can I use?
  10. Hey guys. As some of you may remember, I was the one inquiring about housing two female labs together. Well, we jumped in feet first and adopted the yellow lab that was found up by Red Lake. She is a clown and makes us laugh daily. When we first got her she was grossly underweight and had a bad case of round worms. We have since been able to bring her weight up and have erraticated the worms. But now for some reason she is shedding like a machine! I grew up with dogs, and my father in law breed goldens while my wife was growing up and neither one of us have ever seen a dog blow their coat like this one. Has anyone ever seen or heard of a one year old that sheds her coat big time for about a week? It has started to slow down, but I think it is because she no longer has any undercoat! I am really hoping this is not indicative of any health problems.
  11. Couple more questions. I am used to using the "natural" rigs as opposed to the inline rigs. When using the inline ones do you guys crimp the second hook, or let it float up and down the wire? I guess I don't understand why you would let the second hook slide around and just attach it with shrink wrap...
  12. Hey guys. Anyone make their own quick strick rigs? What do you do and what materials do you use? Where is the best place in the twin cities to get materials (wire & crimps) to make rigs?
  13. Lane

    Wild Turkey Legs

    Now for the dumb question. I am more of a grill guy, so making soup is a little out of my wheel house (unless it comes from a can). How do I make the broth and then the soup? I know someone here has a killer recipe...
  14. I have two legs left off the turkey I shot late last season. What is the best way to cook wild turkey legs?
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