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Manitoba scouting reports?

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Anybody have some insight to the condition of crops in the Portage La Prarie area? Also,any info on numbers of ducks and geese milling about. And lastly any problems getting permission to hunt land. Thanks in advance. SCAT

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I was up there 2 weeks ago for a tractor show.
The farmers up there are in big trouble this year. They have had 3 to 4 times the normal amount of rain for the year. They also had a very heavy amount of snow last winter.
Most of the grain fields I saw had been flattened to the ground. The flax fields looked like they where only about 10 inches high. They should be 2 feet by now. The Canola fields still had their spring yellow flowers on them.
I also have a cousin about a hour east of Winnepeg(sp). I talked with him 2 nights ago. He said most of the farmes are talking about trying to get the crops out in the spring. It has been raining non stop since I was there.
Sounds like it is going to be a ducky fall in Canada.
I also have been talking to farmers in Sask. for my trip in a week and a half. They say some of the crops are starting to come out. Most of them are a loss.
Manitoba and Sask farmers are in big trouble.

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Snowgoose, First off thanks for the info, sounds great for redlegs! Second I think that I used to work with your brother in the Falls and if that is true I also know some of your hunting pals from Cloquet.
While you were up there did you hear any scuttlbutt about the Canadain gov urging farmers to deny US hunters access to the land, due to the beef ban? A rumer I heard around the courthouse.

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Your right. You do know who I am. I'm not sure if I have met you before. Were you down here about 5 years ago staying in St Paul with my brother for a conference?
I don't have to much to do with one of the so called friends and old roommate that is from Cloquet anymore.
I have heard a little about the farmer not letting people hunt for the beef reasons. A guy I work with is in Sask right now. Before he left, he called a farmer to get a report. The farmer told him he would have a hard time getting access to hunting land being from the States. The reason the farmer gave was because of the beef trade.
I'm not to worried about it. We have a long standing relationship wiht the farmers were we go. Some of the guys in my group have been hunting there for over 20 years. It is like a family reunion when we go up. The farmers even all get togher to go out to dinner with us.
I guess we treat them pretty well to with gifts of shells for their kids.

Hunt Snow Geese, Save the tundra

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