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    New Hunting Camp Name

    Camp Not a Free Loader The Meat Pole Shack Big Bucks are Us Camp
  2. Hey Quack We freelance in Canada. I don't see any reason to have a guide up there. Permission is much easier to get in Canada. Most farmers want the birds off of their fields and I am more than willing to help them out.
  3. I don't have any pictures to share but we ended the season with 10 more birds this past weekend. Total for the early goose season for our group is 41 birds. Headed to Saskatchewan Friday morning. I am trying to get the knots out of my stomach. We are going to a new area and I am nervous to say the least. Just talked with the hotel we are staying at and they are seeinf lots of birds. I'll post again when I return.
  4. This migration is called the Molt Migration. It is about 2 weeks behind. It is behind because the lack of North wind. We finally have had some wind from the Norht the last few days. The molt birds ride down on air current. It is 1 1/2 year old birds coming home. Just google Canada Goose Molt Migration if you don't believe Science. This has been happening as long as the Canada goose has been around. This is not the main migration. Not cold enough for that yet.
  5. snowgoose

    Early Goose Reports

    Congrats on the band Dan Z. The molt migration does happen in May and June when the local none breeding and unbread bird head North to molt. They can not fly for 6 to 8 weeks so the thought is the birds fly to a area that they will not be hassled. Some birds have been measured to fly over 800 miles just to molt. After the molt is over they return to their home area. In late Augest to Mid September.
  6. snowgoose

    Early Goose Reports

    Slow weekend for our group. Big 0 for the weekend. The fog was so bad in our area that you couldn't see squat until around 9 AM both days. We heard geese but never pulled the trigger. For those of you wondering why you are not seeing as many geese as usual. It is because the molt migration is just starting. We need a good day of North wind or breeze and there will be new birds everywhere. We did see a few new flocks later in the morning on Sunday. If we ever have a day with a North wind keep your eye on the sky. They will be coming back. One of my hunting partners keeps great reecords on bird movement. The migration is actually a little late already. We just have not had that North wind that we need!
  7. snowgoose

    Early Goose Reports

    That seems kind of late. I didn't look up the archery dates. I just assumed it started next weekend. Oh well, A little compition never hurt anybody.
  8. snowgoose

    Early Goose Reports

    Saturday was excellent. Our group set a new record for the most birds shot on any day during early goose season with 18 birds for 6 guys. Sunday was pretty good as well. 13 more fell for our spread of Bigfoots and calling. Monday was a big 0. Hunted different grain fields every day. Lots of pressure. Can't wait for next weekend as many people will turn their shot guns in for archery equipment. 31 and counting!
  9. I look forward to this more than Christmas! Early goose is here in 2 days. I just wanted to wish everyone good luck this waterfowl season and to be safe. It is kind of like Christamas. You just don't know when Santa is going to release the birds from the North.
  10. fishuholic I have heard of Oak Hammock. I actually hunt within 80 miles of it but in 12 years of going to Manitoba I have never found the time to get over there. I am fortunate enough to have relitives in that area so when I'm not hunting, (at night) I'm visiting! I do have a great boss that let me use vacation time in the fall. I save it up most of the year just for hunting season and snowmobiling in the winter. I almost forgot. After Minnesota deer season I head down to Iowa for the fisrt shot gun season! I have relitives with 200 acres of wood lot down there also.
  11. It is 11 days yet to wait for me. Minnesota opener is the 5th. I simply can't wait. All of the pre work is done with the exception of some more scouting. Location is key so I won't be giving that info away just yet. This is going to be a very busy and fun season. We have 3 weekends of early goose season starting on the 5th. On September 25th 3 of us leave for Western Saskatchewan on a 10 day trip. I return from that trip to work for 4 days. On October 9th I head to Manitoba with a new crew of 4 guys. We will be there for 5 days. Instead of returning to work I will be meeting up with more long time friends for a duck hunt in Northern Minnesota for 6 more days! Then I will be close to home until deer season. I have to do my 2 weeks of on call for work. The decoys have all been washed and the blinds cleaned out. The trailer has had the bearing gone threw also. I have ordered and laminated maps of Canada and they are already packed! Just 11 more days.... Just 11 more days!
  12. That is kind of a loaded question. Do you plan on hunting water or fields? Either way I would set up your decoys in family groups. I would say 3 to 4 groups of decoys would do the trick with good size landing spots left in between the groups. Find some flocks of birds while you are scouting and take note of the natural way the birds sit and try to replicate them. If you are planning on hunting land with water decoys they will work but they do not look right. Early in the season when you see bird in a field 95% of them are on their feet feeding or looking. Later in the year when it is cold our you will see more birds belly down on the ground. I do understand that everyone has to start someplace with a decoy spread. If you have a few bucks look around and find some cheap shell decoys with sticks on them. It gives the appearance of bird standing without the big money that full bodies cost. That is were I started and then over time converted to all Big Foot decoys.
  13. I like the Foiles Straight Meat call. This is the call that I use most often. The air pressure to blow the call is relitivly low. I used Honker Talk DVD to learn how to use mine. Jeff Foiles tunes my call for me every year at Game fair for free. I know that Game Fair is over for the year but I think of it as free admision to the show just to get my call tuned. With time and a little practice you find it is much easier to change note and put a string of calling together with a short reed call. Whatever brand you decide to buy make sure you buy the real thing. I have noticed the knock off calls are not even close in sound performance.
  14. snowgoose


    Man I wonder if I can trade my on call. Would love to be up North this weekend. Hope it holds for a week so I can get up to Marcell area. Talked to my parents in Marcell last night around 7 PM. They had around 9 inches and it had not stopped yet!
  15. snowgoose

    Snow conditions around the Eveleth area?

    Just returned from Orr. Saturday rode the Arrowhead from Orr to Kabatogama. Trail was in great shape. Good base on the trail yet. Took trail to Crane Lake. A little ruff but very rideable. From Crane we rode down to the VRT and back to Orr. 133 miles. Some bare spots and a lot of icy corners. It would only take a couple inches of fresh snow to make these trails excellent agian. Sunday we were lazy and trailered over to Kab and rode to Rainy and back. There is some great scenery on the lakes. Never hit any slush at all. My parents live in the Marcell area. Trails looked to be alright. Intersections need snow bad. This is just from the truck window! A few inches of snow in this area will put riders right back in business. To bad I'm on call this weekend or I would be back up. Get out there this weekend as it will be one of the last!