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ATV Question


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I am looking to upgrade from my Honda Three Wheeler into an ATV. I don’t have a ton of money so new is out of the question. I am looking at sportsman's as that’s what my buddies have always had and I like the look of the style 03' and newer. My question is how many miles is too many I found one closer in my price range but has 6500 miles is that too many?

Thanks in advance!

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The mileage is relative depending on its maintenance over that period.

I just sold my Honda Foreman this summer with over 10,000 miles and I wasnt afraid to take it anywhere, but it was always maintained regularly. If you know the owner, if he has records of maintenance or repairs, or you are handy enough to do some repairs yourself it could be a safe purchase. If not, it is higher mileage in the ATV world especially if it has been neglected. After owning and working on many ATVs what I will say, is dont expect it to be anywhere near as inexpensive to own/operate as your Honda is/was.

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This was serviced and checked over at the dealership? Not sure if that makes any difference its an 05' with 6500 miles on it. I know it will be more but how much more? Do you have to license these and all that i will just be using it at deer hunting land (my buddy owns) and also for ice fishing? Whats common maintenance that is needed on these?

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I am from around the Hawley area as well and I think I know what machine you are talking about, I just ran across one exactly like you are describing on a free classified web site. Was it a 700 with camo paint? I personally think that 6500 miles is getting up there. As far as your questions, yes you do need to register it and if you are buying it from a dealer you will need to pay sales tax on it when you register it unless the dealer is in Minnesota, if it's in North Dakota you pay the sales tax when you register it. Just registering it doesn't cost all that much, I think mine was like $70 or something for a 3 year registration. Common maintenace would include oil and differential changes along with the usual stuff like brake shoes and stuff like that. If you're buying used I would try and choose one with good rubber on it because they can get spendy if you need to replace them right after you buy it. LEPP7MM on here can fill you in more on maintenance, he seems very knowlegable on that type of stuff as well as other people on here. If I was right about where you found that wheeler, go back on there and do a search for Wadena, there is a dealer that advertises a lot of used wheelers and seems to have some pretty good prices on them, he is of course located in Wadena, MN. I will say that if or when you buy one (a sportsman), I would advise not taking it to the Fargo area for service or parts, they are way too high priced. There is a Polaris dealer just north of Detroit Lakes that is WAY more reasonable on prices for that kind of stuff, owners name is Charlie and he's a real straight shooter and a heck of a nice guy. Hope this helps if you need help finding the names of those dealers let me know and we can talk off of the forum boards and I can let you know who they are. Otherwise, being that you are from Hawley I'm guessing that you may know Hittman who posts on here, he can help you out too. Even though he just got rid of his sportsman for a Can Am....

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Thanks for the information! It’s not the one in Wadena its located at Bluffton Hardware. Yes it is on the popular online site. I was a little hesitant on when I saw the miles but I really don’t want to spend all that much money either which sounds bad (just got married and now going on our honeymoon) so that has eaten a lot of the extra funds up.

I am not sure of the places you are talking about I just moved to Hawley a few years ago. My wife and I went to school at MSUM and when looking for a house we ventured out that way. We both are from the cities so that 20-25 min drive into Fargo wasn’t that big of a deal to us.

Thanks for all your information sure does help going on this forum and asking others opinions other than your families or co-workers as you already know what their answer will probably be.

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No problem. The one in Bluffton is the one that I was talking about. I meant that you should do a search for the Wadena dealer on that same site. There is a dealer there in Wadena who has some pretty good prices on used wheelers, also sells sleds and cars too I think. Anyway, since you live in Hawley, have you been out fishing the area this winter? I have my permy down on Lee lake just south east of Hawley if you know where that is. I should be down there this weekend, plan on moving my house on Saturday but won't be out there too late because I'll need to get home to watch the Vikings clean up again, but may be back out there on Sunday. I have a red Dodge Ram with a topper that will be parked in the access parking lot with an old snowmobile trailer hooked to it, I have a 2007 Sportsman 500, black, and my fish house is an 8' x 12' painted red. Currently the house is sitting straight out from the access and I plan on moving it to the east just around the point from where it's at now. Stop out if you see smoke coming out of the chimney on the fish house. Otherwise you can e-mail me. i'll send you a pm with my e-mail address.

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My dad has 44,000 miles on his 2007 Arctic Cat. As long as it is well maintained and doesnt look beat to heck these things run a long dang time. No reason they couldnt go as long as a car.

Look at the frame for cracks in the welds or paint coming off. Make sure that ball joints have been properly maintained/replaced and everything lubricated. It should be pretty obvious to find if it was well taken care of.

I would check how it shifts between forward/reverse and 2 and 4 wheel drive and make sure there are no issues there.

On a Polaris with that kind of miles expect to put a new belt on it or hopefully they already replaced it, but that is a ticking timebomb at that mileage.

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Depending on what model and year will determine some specifics as what to watch for.

If you can provide a specific model and year of machine that your looking at we can provide more details that you should be aware of beyond the usual signs of abuse or lack of maintenance.

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There was an issue with early models of the 700 (2004) that had a seal go out in the water pump. There was also an issue of breaking A-Arm bolts in the rear of the quad.

Look over the following:

all metal areas for evidence of hard impacts or abuse

Check for bent handlebars, bent fender support brackets

clogged radiator

dirty air filter/air box

check oil for signs of water

check CV boots for cuts/tears

check for loose steering (I think the 700 had the plastic steering stem bushing as well)

This is only a quick list to start. If anyone has more to add, please do.

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