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Droid Root

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Has anyone rooted their Droid? I've read a little about it but am intersted in hearing some first hand reports from people on why/why not to do it.

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The main reason I've seen people do it:

1.) To have the ability to remove some of the stock loaded apps.

2.) To be able to install a custom ROM that could improve battery life and the speed of the phone.

Reason I will not root:

1.) Every time there is an update you can't just install it. Someone on the internet who is very smart has to edit the file and than they post it on rooting websites for people to download to update.

2.) It voids your warranty and any time you need to bring your phone in for any help you'd have to flash it back to stock rom.

3.) if something were to go wrong, you would have to flash it back to stock ROM and it can be a PITA if you just wanna swing by the store.

4.) Typically, when my one year warranty is almost up I always bring my phone back to the store and say something is wrong and have a new or refurbished phone sent to me. It was a problem for me as I unlocked (rooted) my windows phone and installed a custom ROM. Than something happened to it and now its basically a paper weight and I missed my one year deadline to do so. I cant see the screen to flash the ROM back so I do not know if it will work or not.

I say if you got money to just go buy a new phone if something happens to it after you root it. Go for it. It can be fun and the abilities of the phone are a lot more user friendly depending on the rom you get. But also you want a ROM that is tested and trusted and well with all the developers out there how are you going to know which one works best?

I did extensive research on the ROM I installed on my phone. Also it was a really old ROM that no one really used anymore. But I knew it worked and had little problems.

Happy Rooting, and don't brick your phone smile

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